Jun 24, 2024  

Student Handbook

Table of Contents

Mission Statement  
Frequently Called Numbers 
Student Life Mission Statement 
Letter from the Vice President for Student Life 
The Four Hallmarks of Student Life 
Our Commitment to You  


The Four Hallmarks of Student Life

A Faith-Based University  
Seventh-day Adventist Faith and Values 
Campus Ministries  


A Wholesome Lifestyle  
Core Christian Values 
Code of Student Conduct 
Academic Integrity 
Student Leadership 
Student Organizations 
Student Associations 
Student Activities (SA) 
Philosophy and Principles of Dress 
Substance Abuse 
Health, Wellness and Safety  


A Residential Campus  
Residential Living Policy 
University Apartments (and Houses) 
Community Housing 
Campus Curfew 


A Gathered and Growing Community  
Co-Curricular Choices and Changes 


Our Commitment to You

TO SERVE: University Services  
Admission Services 
Academic Information and Student Success Center 
Andrews Bookstore 
Campus Safety Services and Information 
Counseling & Testing Services 
Dining Services 
Health Services 
Howard Performing Arts Center 
International Student Services & Programs 
Media & Information Services 
Research Resources 
Student Use of Computer and Network Resources Policy 
Severe Winter Weather Procedures 
AU Alert Emergency Notification 
Services for Students with Disabilities 
Student Financial Services 
Veterans’ Education Benefits & Services  


TO PROTECT: Student Rights  
Right to Learn 
Right to be Free from Discrimination and Harassment 
Right to Relationships 
Domestic/Relationship Violence 
Sexual Misconduct Policy 
Right to Discuss, Inquire, Express and Petition 
Access and Privacy of Student Educational Records (FERPA) 
Right to Appeal/Grievance 


TO HOLD ACCOUNTABLE: Student Discipline  
Self-Discipline and Institutional Discipline 
Code of Student Conduct 
Citizenship Disciplinary Procedures 
Right of Entry 
Thank You for Choosing Andrews  


Campus Map