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Student Associations

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Andrews University Student Association (AUSA)
The AUSA is the hub of undergraduate campus activity. All undergraduate students taking at least five credits are automatically members of the Andrews University Student Association.

The purposes of the AUSA are to:

  • Serve the University community and contribute to the fuller unfolding of the Adventist program of education
  • Serve as a channel for organizing student activities
  • Provide a vehicle for the expression of student opinion
  • Provide opportunity for leadership experience and the development of skills in organization and administration

The AUSA source of authority is provided through the policies voted by the University faculty and the Board of Trustees as interpreted by the president through the vice president for Student Life and the AUSA advisor.

The AUSA may vote its own constitution, bylaws and working policies. The AUSA may make its own decisions and elect officers. The Constitution, bylaws and working policies shall be consistent with the University policies and shall require the approval of the faculty and the Board of Trustees. The AUSA constitution and bylaws shall provide that all legislation be processed through standing committees, comprised of Student Senate members with the right to vote.

AUSA Elections
Candidates for Student Association offices, appointees for offices and editors of the Student Association communications media shall be approved by the vice president for Student Life. This is done after consultation with the Student Life Council, taking into consideration the standards published in the Student Handbook and the qualifications included in the Student Association constitution, bylaws and working policies.

The Student Life Council will advise the vice president by secret ballot. The vice president’s decisions are final and reasons will not be made public. The AUSA election board will not announce the candidates publicly, nor will the candidates campaign until they have been approved by the vice president for Student Life.

  • Candidates for AUSA elections will be members of the AUSA.
  • Candidates must meet the student leadership requirements with the increased expectation that in order to be eligible to run for AUSA office, candidates must have a current semester and cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00. A 3.00 current or cumulative grade point average must be maintained in order for an AUSA officer to continue holding office.
  • Those who wish to run for office should secure application blanks and guidelines from the AUSA or Student Life.
  • Candidates will have presented a platform to the vice president for Student Life for approval. Platforms will be in harmony with the standards and objectives of the University.
  • All posters for campaigns will conform to the regular University policy regarding posters. In the Campus Center during elections, exceptions to the policy may be authorized by the vice president for Student Life.

Andrews University Graduate Student Association (AUGSA)
All graduate students registered in regular or provisional status in all the schools and colleges of the Berrien Springs campus of the University shall be voting members of the AUGSA.

The purposes of the AUGSA are:

  1. To work together more diligently for the common good within the University’s working policies
  2. To maintain and uphold the objectives and purposes of the University and its sponsoring denomination
  3. To promote awareness of the skills, capabilities and services available to graduate students in all disciplines
  4. To maintain academic integrity, research, responsibility and privileges
  5. To promote a clear understanding of the peculiar needs, challenges and responsibilities of graduate students
  6. To provide a means of training for leadership and service to God and humanity

AUGSA Elections
All AUGSA candidates must maintain a 3.00 cumulative GPA to be eligible for and to hold office. Only one representative from each school may hold a major office. Candidates must exemplify good citizenship and receive endorsement from a faculty advisor and the dean of the school they represent.