Jun 01, 2020  

AU Alert Emergency Notification

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AU Alert
To ensure multiple means of emergency communication for our campus, Andrews University uses a third party company, Rave Mobile Safety, to send emergency notification alerts to the campus.

During emergencies this system will send text messages, emails and voice calls to registered recipients. The system will also post alerts to the Andrews University Facebook account and/or the Andrews University Twitter account with the emergency information.

To receive emergency alert text messages, emails or voice calls, register with AU Alert by visiting andrews.edu/safety and clicking on the “AU Alert” icon.

On the Rave Mobile Safety website enter your Andrews University username and password to sign in and update your contact information.

Alert Messages
While AU Alert can be used to send out any emergency alert, some alerts are pre-defined and require a specific response from campus. These alerts are listed and defined on the Campus Safety AU Alert webpage, andrews.edu/services/safety/aualert/.

In addition to English, all pre-defined alert messages are currently available in the following languages: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), French, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. Language preferences are available under the user profile on the Rave Mobile Safety website.