Jul 23, 2021  

Student Handbook

Table of Contents

Mission Statement 
Frequently Called Numbers 
Campus & Student Life Mission Statement 
Letter from the Vice President for Campus & Student Life 
The Four Hallmarks of Campus & Student Life 
Our Commitment to You 


The Four Hallmarks of Campus & Student Life

A Faith-Based University  
Seventh-day Adventist Faith and Values 
Campus Ministries  


A Healthy Lifestyle  
Core Christian Values 
Code of Student Conduct 
Academic Integrity 
Student Leadership 
Student Organizations 
Student Associations 
Student Activities & Involvement 
Philosophy and Principles of Dress 
Romantic and Marriage Relationships 
Substance Abuse 
Health, Wellness and Safety  


A Residential Campus  
Residential Living Policy 
University Apartments (and Houses) 
Community Housing 
Campus Curfew and Building Closures 


A Whole-Person Approach 
Faith and Learning Outside the Classroom  
Seminary Worship Policy  
Undergraduate Co-Curricular Policy  


Our Commitment to You

TO SERVE: University Services  
Admission Services 
Academic Information and Student Success Center 
Andrews University Bookstore 
Campus Safety Services and Information 
Counseling & Testing Services 
Crayon Box 
Dining Services 
Health Services 
Howard Performing Arts Center 
International Student Services & Programs 
Media and Information Services 
Research Resources 
Student Use of Computer and Network Resources Policy 
Severe Winter Weather Procedures 
AU Alert Emergency Notification 
Student Financial Services 
Veterans Services  


TO PROTECT: Student Rights  
Right to Learn 
Right to be Free from Discrimination and Harassment 
Sexual Misconduct (Sexual Assault), Relationship Violence, Stalking, and Discrimination Based on Sex/Gender  
Right to Discuss, Inquire, Express and Petition 
Access and Privacy of Student Educational Records (FERPA) 
Right to Appeal/Grievance 
Ombudspersons (Ombudsman)  


TO HOLD ACCOUNTABLE: Student Responsibilities  
Self-Discipline and Institutional Intervention (Discipline) 
Code of Student Conduct 
Student Conduct Intervention (Disciplinary) Processes 
Thank You for Choosing Andrews  


Appendix 1: A Seventh-day Adventist Framework for Relating to Sexual Orientation Differences on the Campus of Andrews University  


Campus Map