Jul 19, 2018  


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Administration Building, Second Floor
Phone: 269-471-3570

Employee Services, a section of the Office of Human Resources, assists students in meeting some of their expenses through employment on campus. They also provide an orderly process through which students are hired on campus, while promoting a positive correlation between learning and work.

Working encourages students to manage time and resources effectively. It also provides opportunities to develop competence, workplace skills and a solid work ethic and to test possible career choices.

Employee Services posts open job positions, administers office tests and assists in the completion of employment forms. Students may find work opportunities more readily if they are available to work 2–3-hour blocks of time each day. The number of hours recommended is 10–12 hours per week. To be eligible for work, undergraduates must register for and maintain at least 12 credits of classwork; graduates must enroll in at least 8 credits; and MDiv students must enroll in at least 9 credits.

For additional information see the employment handbook online at andrews.edu/hr.

Work Expectations
Students should be responsible in their study as well as at work. Punctuality, dependability and honesty are essential lessons often learned at work. Any discipline connected with a student’s assigned work or labor shall be dealt with by the work supervisor in counsel with the Employment/Benefits manager. Work supervisors should report to the vice president for Campus & Student Life and the Employment/Benefits manager on any violation of University regulations, moral principles or any serious breach of contract. The student may receive a disciplinary letter from the work supervisor or Employment/Benefits manager and the Student Life Deans Council.