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University Personnel

 Presidents, 1874–Present

Battle Creek College, 1874–1901

Sidney Brownsberger, 1874–1881
Alexander McLearn, 1881–1882
Wilcott H. Littlejohn, 1883–1885
William W. Prescott, 1885–1894
George W. Caviness, 1894–1897
Edward A. Sutherland, 1897–1901

Emmanuel Missionary College, 1901–1959

Edward A. Sutherland, 1901–1904
Nelson W. Kauble, 1904–1908
Otto J. Graf, 1908–1917
Clement L. Benson, 1917–1918
Frederick Griggs, 1918–1924
Guy F. Wolfkill, 1924–1930
Lynn H. Wood, 1930–1934
Thomas W. Steen, 1934–1937
Henry J. Klooster, 1937–1943
Alvin W. Johnson, 1943–1950
Percy W. Christian, 1950–1955
Floyd O. Rittenhouse, 1955–1960

Advanced Bible School, 1934–1937

Milton E. Kern, Dean 1934–1937

Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, 1937–1957

Milton E. Kern, 1937–1943
Denton E. Rebok, 1943–1951
V. E. Hendershot, 1951–1952
Ernest D. Dick, 1952–1957

Potomac University, 1957–1960

Ernest D. Dick, 1957–1959
Floyd O. Rittenhouse, 1959–1960

Andrews University, 1960–

Floyd O. Rittenhouse, 1960–1963
Richard Hammill, 1963–1976
Joseph G. Smoot, 1976–1983
W. Richard Lesher, 1984–1994
Niels-Erik A. Andreasen, 1994–2016
Andrea Luxton, 2016–

Members of the Andrews University Board of Trustees

(As of July 1, 2016)

Artur Stele, Chair
Don Livesay, Vice-chair
Andrea Luxton, Secretary
Lisa M. Beardsley-Hardy, Debbi J. Christensen, Andrew Coetzee, Vonda Douglas-Nikitin, Michael G. Edge, Linda Fuchs, Jay Gallimore, Lynn Gray, Loren Hamel, Daniel Jackson, Sandra Johnson, R. Clifford Jones, Valerie B. Lee, Fred Manchur, Ernest Medina Jr., William G.C. Murdoch Jr., G.T. Ng, Ray Pichette, Steven Poenitz, Juan R. Prestol-Puesan, Janelle Randall, David R. Rowe, Glynn Scott, Leon Slikkers, Ron C. Smith, Paul A. Stokstad, Judith L. Storfjell, Bradley Tait, Gary Thurber, Max Torkelsen II, Maurice R. Valentine II, Raymond Wahlen II, Dana L. Wales, Rebekah Wang-Cheng, David Weigley, Ted N.C. Wilson, E. Edward Zinke
Advisors: Jonathan Duffy, G. Thomas Evans, Ricardo Graham, Mark A. Johnson, Donald King, Thomas Lemon, Larry R. Moore, Ella Simmons,

President’s Council

(As of October 12, 2015)

George & Jean Arzoo, Ken & Diana Bauer, Kevin & Jeanette Benfield, Fay Bradley, Phillip & Marilyn Brantley, Doug & Juanita Campbell, Andrew & Dori Coetzee, Brad Colson, David & Ruth Cromwell, Marco and Erika DiBiase, Jack & Esther DuBosque, Cletus Georges, David & Carrie Grellmann, Herald & Donna Habenicht, Larry & Debbie Habenicht, Karen Halbritter, Ray & Madlyn Hamblin, Glen & Marsha Hamel, Loren & Ann Hamel, Patrick Herzog & Heidi Griggs, Ron & Christine Herr, James & Deanna Hippler, Dann & Elaine Hotelling, Thomas & Merry Knoll, Catherine Lang Titus, Dwayne & Marissa Leslie, Ted & Sharon Lewis, Don & Barbara Livesay, Patti McKenney & David Van Luven, Norman & Dorothy Moll, Craig & Mary Moore, William & Patricia Mutch, Robin & Mary Ann Paquette, Wayne & Shelly Perry, Glenn & Margaret Poole, Charles & Barbara Randall, Chris & Janelle Randall, Bryan & Catherine Reed, Mark Ringwelski & Susan Slikkers, David & Judy Rowe, Richard & Lois Schell, Rick Schell, Leon Slikkers, Robert & Jeanette Smith, Artur & Galina Stele, Paul & Shelley Stokstad, Judith Storfjell, Ron & Pamela Stout, Reid & Ardith Tait, Timbul & Ellen Tambunan, Max & Linda Taylor, Dale & Connie Twomley, Dana & Dawn Wales, Rebekah Wang Cheng & Charles Scriven, Karl Weber, Dan & Julie Woolf, John & Gayle Wuchenich, Richard & Ann Yukl, Edward & Ann Zinke

University Administration

(As of July 1, 2016)

Andrea Luxton, PhD, President; Secretary of the Board of Trustees
Christon Arthur, PhD, Provost
Larry Schalk, MBA, Vice President for Financial Administration
David A. Faehner, PhD, Vice President for University Advancement
Frances Faehner, PhD, Vice President for Campus & Student Life
Stephen Payne, BA, Vice President for Integrated Marketing & Communication
Randy K. Graves, MS, Vice President for Enrollment Management
Daniel Agnetta, MA, Director of Human Resources
Lorena L. Bidwell, MBA, Chief Information Officer
Audrey V. Castelbuono, MA, Associate Vice President for Development
Aimee Vitangcol-Regoso, MBA, Registrar
Lynn Merklin, PhD, Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness
Donald L. May, MA, Assistant Provost for Undergraduate Initiatives & Andrews Core Experience
Steve Yeagley, MDiv, Assistant Vice President for Student Life
Gwendolyn Powell Braswell, JD, General Counsel
Glenn A. Meekma, BS, CPA, Controller
Gary Williams, BA, Associate Registrar
Beth Baxter, AS, Assistant Registrar

Academic Deans and Directors

Bruce L. Bauer, DMiss, Director, Doctor of Missiology
Robert Benjamin, MDiv, MBA, Director, International Student Services & Programs
Gary Burdick, PhD, Dean of Research
Merlin D. Burt, PhD, Director, Center for Adventist Research
Carey Carscallen, MArch, Dean, School of Architecture & Interior Design
Petr Cincala, PhD, Director, Institute of Church Ministry
Felix Cortez, PhD, Director, MA (Religion) and Seminary Affiliations and Extensions
Paula Dronen, JD, Associate Dean, School of Architecture & Interior Design
Jacques B. Doukhan, Dr es Let Hébraïques, ThD, Director, Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies
Tom Evans, DMin, Associate Director, North American Division Evangelism Institute
David Ferguson, MA, Director, Undergraduate Leadership Program
La Ronda Forsey, MS, Associate Dean, School of Distance Education; K–12 Principal, Griggs International Academy
Constance Gane, PhD, Curator, Horn Archaeological Museum; Associate Director, Institute of Archaeology
Carolina Gomez-Jones, MA, Director, Off-Campus Programs
Kleber Gonçalves, PhD, Director, Doctor of Ministry Program; Director, Global Mission Center for Secular and Postmodern Studies
Helena R. Gregor, PhD, Director, Seminary Online Learning Center
Paul Z. Gregor, PhD, Associate Director, Institute of Archaeology
Donald C. James, DMin, Associate Director, North American Division Evangelism Institute
Esther Knott, MA, Director, MA in Pastoral Ministry, English Track; Director, InMinistry Center
Ronald A. Knott, MAPM, Director, Andrews University Press
Wagner Kuhn, PhD, Director, Postdoctoral Fellowship
Jeannie Leitermann, MA, Principal, Andrews Academy
Janine Lim, PhD, Associate Dean of Online Higher Education, School of Distance Education
Robson Marinho, PhD, Dean, School of Education
John Matthews, PhD, Interim Director, MA (Religious Education); Interim Director, PhD (Religious Education)
Keith E. Mattingly, PhD, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Jasel McCoy, MS, Director of Fitness & Exercise Studies
Errol McLean, DMin, Associate Director, North American Division Evangelism Institute
Lester P. Merklin Jr, DMin, Director, Global Center for Adventist Muslim Relations (GC entity)
Nicholas P. Miller, JD, PhD, Director, International Religious Liberty Institute
Aaron Moushon, BA, Director, Academic and Career Exploration
Jiří Moskala, ThD, PhD, Dean, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary
Ricardo Norton, DMin, PhD, Director, MA in Pastoral Ministry, Hispanic Track; Director, Institute of Hispanic Ministry
Lawrence W. Onsager, MLS, Dean of Libraries
L. Fernando Ortiz, DMin, Director, Master of Divinity
Stanley E. Patterson, PhD, Director, Christian Leadership Center
L. Monique Pittman, PhD, Director, J.N. Andrews Honors Program
Paul J. Ray, Jr, PhD, Director, Archaeological Publications; Associate Curator, Horn Archaeological Museum
Teresa Reeve, PhD, Associate Dean, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary
R. Larry Richards, PhD, Director, Greek Manuscript Research Center
Emmanuel Rudatsikira, MD, PhD, Dean, School of Health Professions
Evelyn Savory, PhD, Principal, Ruth Murdoch Elementary School
Eduard E. Schmidt, DMin, Associate Director, North American Division Evangelism Institute; Director, Theological Field Education
David Sedlacek, PhD, Director, MA in Youth and Young Adult Ministry
Thomas Shepherd, DrPH, PhD, Director, PhD (Religion) & ThD Programs
Alayne Thorpe, PhD, Dean, School of Graduate Studies; Dean, School of Distance Education & International Partnerships
Ralph Trecartin, PhD, Dean, School of Business Administration
Ronald H. Whitehead, MA, Executive Director, Center for Youth Evangelism
Randall W. Younker, PhD, Director, Institute of Archaeology; Director, PhD (Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology)

Administrative Deans and Directors

Elynda Bedney, MSA, Director, Student Financial Services
Stanley Beikmann, BS, Director, Arboretum
Glynis Bradfield, PhD, Director, School of Distance Education Student Services and Assessment
Jennifer Burrill, MA, Director, Lamson Hall
Spencer Carter, MA, Director, Meier Hall
Sonya Cruz, MA, Director, Enrollment Counseling
Paul Elder, Director, Facilities Management
Judith B. Fisher, PhD, Director, Counseling & Testing Center
Carolina Gomez-Jones, MA, Assistant Dean, School of Distance Education
Daniel Hamstra, BS, Director, Telecommunication Systems
David Iwasa, MAT, Director, University Towers
David G. Jardine, Director, Student Activities & Athletics
Ethan Jones, JD, Director, Compliance, School of Distance Education
Andriy Kharkovyy, MBA, Director, Alumni Services
Kristine Knutson, MA, Director, Student Success Center
Shanna Leak, Director, Undergraduate Admissions
James R. Massena, BS, Director, Institutional Research
Rebecca L. May, BA, Director, Campus Relations & Events
Benjamin Panigot, Director, Campus Safety
Theresa Popp, BS, Director, Planned Giving & Trust Services
Lowell G. Hamel, MD, Director, Medical Services
Sharyl R. Turon, BBA, Director, Financial Records
Alice C. Williams, PhD, Director, University Archives
Deborah Weithers, MA, Associate Dean, Student Life

Managers of Service Departments and Auxiliary Enterprises

Martin D. Bradfield, BBA, Manager, Transportation Services
Rodrick Church, BS, Manager, LithoTech
Mark Daniels, BA, General Manager, Dining Services
Sharon J. Dudgeon, MMus, Manager, WAUS
Lynnetta Hamstra, MBA, Manager, Howard Performing Arts Center
Glenn A. Meekma, BS, CPA, Manager, Farm and Dairy
Alfredo Ruiz, MA/MDiv, Director, University Apartments
Cynthia Swanson, Manager, University Bookstore
Allen Wellborn, Manager, Custodial Services
Jamie Wright, Manager, Plant Service

Administrators Emeriti

Niels-Erik Andreasen, President, Emeritus
Lyndon G. Furst, EdD, Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Professor of Educational Administration and Supervision, Emeritus
Merlene A. Ogden, PhD, Dean and Professor of English, Emerita
Gottfried Oosterwal, DLitt, Director, Center for Intercultural Relations, Emeritus
Allen F. Stembridge, Dean, School of Business Administration, Emeritus
Charles H. Tidwell Jr., PhD, Dean, Affiliation & Extension Programs, Emeritus
Werner K. Vyhmeister, PhD, Dean, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary and Professor of Mission, Emeritus

Alumni Association Officers


Denise Curnutt (MAT’96), President, Niles, Mich.
Andriy Kharkovyy (BBA ‘06, MBA ‘09), Executive Director, Berrien Springs, Mich.

Caryl-Lynn Ferguson (Att.), Executive Secretary, Berrien Springs, Mich.

Emily Carlson (MA ‘15), Berrien Springs, Mich.

Dave Nelson (Att.), Berrien Springs, Mich.

Michael Villwock (BT ‘08), Buchanan, Mich.

Ex-Officio Members

Andrea Luxton, PhD (MA ‘78), President, Andrews University
David A. Faehner, PhD (MA ‘72), Vice President, University Advancement
Patricia Spangler (BS ‘04), FOCUS Editor
Ashley Neu, 2016-2017 AUSA Representative
Jameel Daniels, 2016-2017 GSA Representative
JeAnn Semeleer (BBA ‘14), 2014-15 BSCF Co-Representative

Recipients of Andrews University Faculty Awards for Excellence in Teaching

1976–77—Bill Chobotar, Patricia M. Silver

1977–78—Merlene A. Ogden, M. Lillian Moore

1978–79—Daniel A. Augsburger, Ivan L. Warden

1979–80—Robert R. Ludeman, F. Estella Greig

1980–81—Ruth R. Murdoch, Malcolm B. Russell

1981–82—Robert A. Wilkins, Leonard K. Gashugi

1982–83—Carl Coffman Jr, Neville H. Clouten

1983–84—Asa C. Thoresen, Des Cummings Jr.

1984–85—Lawrence T. Geraty, Robert U. Kalua

1985–86—C. Warren Becker, Øystein S. LaBianca

1986–87—Ivan T. Blazen, Janice Y. Watson

1987–88—William W. Davidson, Duane C. McBride

1988–89—Ralph M. Scorpio, Bruce A. Closser

1989–90—Dwain L. Ford, Meredith J. Jones

1990–91—Øystein S. LaBianca, Georgina P. Hill

1991–92—Stanley M. Bell, Leonard K. Gashugi, A. Josef Greig, F. Estella Greig, William E. Richardson, Russell L. Staples, John B. Youngberg

1992–93—Paul S. Brantley, Arthur N. Brown

1993–94—Dennis W. Woodland, Edwin I. Hernandez

1994–95—James L. Hayward, Annetta M. Gibson

1995–96—Kenneth E. Thomas, Carole L. Kilcher

1996–97—Jon L. Dybdahl, James A. Tucker

1997–98—Richard M. Davidson, Beverly J. Matiko

1998–99—Curtis J. VanderWaal, Katherine A. Koudele

1999–00—David A. Steen, April R. Summitt

2000–01—Bill Chobotar, Stephen P. Zork

2001–02—Shelley Bradfield, James L. Hayward

Recipients of the Daniel A. Augsburger Excellence in Teaching Award

(Teaching award name changed in 2002–03 school year)

2002–03— Ranko Stefanovic (CAS), Sharon Prest (COT), Phillip H. Bess (ARCH), David A. Vlosak (SBA), Candice C. Hollingsead (SED), George R. Knight (SEM)

2003–04— Kathleen A. Berglund (CAS), Delyse E. Steyn (CAS), Laun L. Reinholtz (COT), Thomas B. Lowing (ARCH), Mary Ann Hofmann (SBA), Hinsdale Bernard (SED), Jon K. Paulien (SEM)

2004–05— Mickey D. Kutzner (CAS), Delmer I. Davis (CAS), Gary A. Marsh (COT), Kristin S. von Maur (ARCH), Robert C. Schwab (SBA), Frederick A. Kosinski (SED), Roy E. Gane (SEM)

2005–06— L. Monique Pittman (CAS), Shandelle M. Henson (CAS), Ronald L. Johnson (COT), Andrew C. von Maur (ARCH), Betty Lou S. Gibson (SBA), Jimmy Kijai (SED), Denis Fortin (SEM)

2006–07— Arlene M. Saliba (CAS), Janice F. Wrenn (CAS), Stanley H. Beikmann (COT), Rhonda G. Root (ARCH), Leonard K. Gashugi (SBA), Shirley A. Freed (SED), Jacques B. Doukhan (SEM)

2007–08— Margarita C. K. Mattingly (CAS), Carlos A. Flores (CAS), Stephen C. Thorman (COT), Armand G. H. Poblete (SBA), Gary D. Gifford (SED), Richard M. Davidson (SEM). School of Architecture—No nomination for 2008.

2008–09— Susan P. Zork (CAS), H. Thomas Goodwin (CAS), Duane E. Habenicht (COT), Annetta M. Gibson (SBA), Elvin S. Gabriel (SED), John T. Baldwin (SEM), Kristin S. von Maur (SOA)

2009–10— Karl Bailey (CAS), John Banks (CAS), Lilianne Doukhan (CAS), Robert Moore (CAS), David Sherwin (COT), Robin Johnson (SOA), Jacquelyn Warwick (SBA), Duane Covrig (SED), Randall Younker (SEM)

2010–11— Ann-Marie Jones (CAS), Darah J. Regal (CAS), Dianne L. Staples (CAS), Robert E. Zdor (CAS), James H. Doran (COT), Mark A. Moreno (SOA), Samuel Kim-Liang Chuah (SBA), Barbara A. Reid (SED), H. Peter Swanson (SEM)

2011–12— Rudolph Bailey (SED), Bruce Bauer (SEM), José Goris (SBA), Herbert Helm (CAS), Marcia Kilsby (CAS), Glenn Russell (CAS), Martin Smith (SAAD), Tiffany Summerscales (CAS)

2012-13— Gary W. Burdick (CAS), Nancy J. Carbonell (SED), Darius W. Jankiewicz (SEM), Ben A. Maguad (SBA), Thomas J. Michaud (SAAD), Pedro A. Navia (CAS), Shelly J. Perry (CAS), Richard D. Show (SHP)

2013-14— Ron D. Coffen (SED), Lauren R. Matacio (CAS), Jerry A. Moon (SEM), Lee E. Olson (SHP), David W. Randall (CAS), Kathryn M. Silva (CAS), Andrew von Maur (SAAD)

2014-15—Harvey Burnett (CAS), Henrietta H. Hanna (SHP), Ryan Hayes (CAS), Douglas A. Jones (CAS), Paul B. Kim (SAAD), Janet Ledesma (SED), Stanley E. Patterson (SEM)

2015-2016—Larry Burton (SED), John Peckham (SEM), Karen Reiner (SHP), Quentin Sahly (SBA), Ariel Solis (SAID), Lynelle Weldon (CAS), Janice Wrenn (CAS)

Recipients of Andrews University Faculty Awards for Excellence in Research and Creative Activity

1991–92— Gregory J. Constantine, Donna Habenicht, Gerhard Hasel, Gary Land, Margarita Mattingly, Duane McBride, Raymond Paden, Abraham Terian

1992–93— Gordon Atkins, Roger Dudley, Edwin Hernandez, Mickey Kutzner, Jonathan Paulien, Brian Strayer

1993–94— Bill Chobotar, Gregory J. Constantine, Jacques Doukhan, Lyndon Furst, George Knight

1994–95— Roger Dudley, Shirley Freed, Scott Moncrieff, William Proulx, Jim Wolfer

1995–96— Gregory J. Constantine, George Knight, Margarita Mattingly, Janet Mulcare, John Stout

1996–97— Philip Bess, Mickey Kutzner, Jonathan Paulien, Douglas Singh, James Tucker

1997–98— Paul Brantley, Russell Burrill, Larry Richards

1998–99— Gordon J. Atkins, Lenore S. Brantley, Gregory J. Constantine, George R. Knight, P. David Merling

1999–00— Shirley A. Freed, Mickey D. Kutzner, Janet A. Mulcare, Jon K. Paulien, Carla L. Trynchuk

2000–01— Philip H. Bess, Gary W. Burdick, Roger L. Dudley, Gary G. Land, Jiri Moskala

2001–10— no awards given these years.

Recipients of the Siegfried H. Horn Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarship Award

2010–11— Karen A. Allen (Professional Programs), Larry D. Burton (Arts & Humanities), Richard M. Davidson (Religion & Theology), Shandelle M. Henson (Pure & Applied Sciences)

2011–12— Steve Hansen (Arts & Humanities), Duane McBride (Pure & Applied Sciences) Jiří Moskala (Religion & Theology), Curtis VanderWaal (Professional Programs)

2012-13— Fernando L. Canale (Religion & Theology), Winston J. Craig (Professional Programs), Tevni E. Grajales Guerra (Arts, Humanities & Education), Øystein S. LaBianca (Pure & Applied Sciences)

2013-14— Gary W. Burdick (Pure & Applied Sciences), Gregory J. Constantine (Arts, Humanities & Education), Roy E. Gane (Religion & Theology), Marcia A. Kilsby (Professional Programs)

2014-15—James L. Hayward (Pure & Applied Sciences), Wagner Kuhn (Religion & Theology), Carla L. Trynchuk (Arts, Humanities & Education), Andrew C. von Maur (Professional Programs)

2015-16—Karl G.D. Bailey (Pure & Applied Sciences), Richard Choi (Religion & Theology), Annetta Gibson (Professional Programs), Stephen Zork (Arts, Humanities & Education)


(as of March 25, 2015)



Hong Kong Adventist College

Bervinda Siu Yung Chan, MA, MS - Instructor of Health & Fitness
Jonathan Siu Kuen Chan, MA - Instructor of Information Technology
Samuel Man-Jim Chiu, ThD - Acting Department Chair of Theology, Associate Professor of Religion
Barbara Kit-Chun Choi, DrPH - Chair of Health, Professor of Health & Fitness
Charlene Chow-Pak, MPH - Assistant Professor of Health
Simon Shian Wee Chua, MA - Assistant Professor of English & Communication
Daniel Gim-Teng Chuah, PhD - Dean of Students, Associate Professor of Religion
Samuel Kim Liang Chuah, PhD - Professor of Business & Economics
Steven Koon Yin Cheung, MA - Instructor of Health & Fitness
Jon Arthur Cole, PhD - Academic Dean, Professor of Environmental Sciences
Luis Alberto Comparada, MA - Instructor of Mathematics
Jonathan Ah Meng Foo, PhD - Professor of Religion
Gloria Chung Ning Ho, MA - Instructor of English
Charles Chung Leun Lau, PhD - Instructor of Health & Fitness
Twinky Chuen-Chuen Lau, MA - Instructor of Religion
Kelvin Man-Him Ng, MA, MPhil - Instructor of Psychology
Yu-Yan Pang, PhD - Instructor of Psychology
Nancy T. Recalde, MA - Instructor of Psychology
Vincente S. Rodriguez, PhD - Instructor of Psychology
Arlene B. Siagian, MMus - Assistant Professor of Music
Cindy Pui-Yee Sing, MA - Instructor of Accounting
Lee Sia Tay, MA - Instructor of English
Keith Kin Lung Wong, PhD - Instructor of Health & Fitness, and Psychology
Philip Kar Keung Wong, PhD - Instructor of Chinese History & Culture
Priscilla Chung-Chi Wong, MA - Assistant Professor of Psychology & History
Henry Ya’ang, MBA - Assistant Professor of Business
Hosea Pak-Nin Yeung, MBA, CGA - Business Manager, Assistant Professor of Business & Accounting

Newbold College-Bracknell, Berkshire, England

Robin Anthony, MLitt - Lecturer in English, History & Media Arts
Radisa Antic, PhD - Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies & Church History
John Baildam, PhD - Director of Academic Affairs and Principal Lecturer
Jan Barna, PhD - Lecturer in Systematic Theology
Andreas Bochmaan, PhD - Senior Lecturer in Pastoral Counseling
Manuela Casti, MA - Lecturer in Pastoral Studies
Henrik Jorgensen, MA - Head of Student Services, Assistant Lecturer in Religion,
Aulikki Nahkola, DPhil - Principal Lecturer in Old Testament
Michael Pearson, DPhil - Principal Lecturer in Philosophy
Hazel Rennalis, MA - Lecturer in English
Gifford Rhamie, MA - Lecturer in Pastoral Studies
Sandra Rigby-Barrett, PhD - University Year Team Leader and Senior Lecturer in Music
Laurence Turner, PhD - Head of Department of Theological
Studies, Principal - Lecturer in Old Testament
Jean-Claude Verrecchia, Dr es sciences religieuses - Principal Lecturer in New Testament and Statistics
Cedric Vine, MA - Course Director Undergraduate Theology, Lecturer in New Testament

University of Southern Caribbean-Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

Lennox Allicock, MS - Instructor in Mathematics
Phyllis Andrews, MAT, MBA - Associate Professor of Business Education
Imo R. Bakari, MA - Behavioral Sciences
Franklyn Baldeo, MA - Associate Professor of Education
Clyde Best, MA - Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences
Anthony Brumble, MSc - Associate Professor of Electronics/Drafting
Keith Chin Aleong, MA, PhD - Assistant Professor of Communication
Carla Copeland, MA - Behavioral Sciences
Cynthia Cudjoe, MSc - Instructor in Computer Science
Letroy Cummings, PhD - Behavioral Sciences
Nequesha Dalrymple, MS - Family and Consumer Sciences
Ronald Daniel, MDiv - Associate Professor of Theology
Damaris DeMatas, BA - Instructor of Music
Carlton Drepaul, MA -Associate Professor of English
Lincoln Dyer, MEd - Education
T. Leslie Ferdinand, EdD - Professor of Education and Sociology
Nichole Homeward, MEd - Education
Fazadudin Hosein, PhD - Associate Professor of Theology
Michael Isiwele, PhD - Business
Lancashia Joseph, MA - Education
Boxter Kharbteng, PhD - Religion
Olive Lewis, BA - Instructor in English and Family and Consumer - Sciences
Shirley McGarrell, PhD - Professor of English
Errol Mitchell, MA - Associate Professor of Religion
Narsha Modeste, MA - Behavioral Sciences
Keren Monrose, MS - Information Systems
George Mubita, MS - Information Systems
Jennifer Paul, PhD - Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Clifton Pryce, MA - Assistant Professor of Education
Anupama Ramella, MA - Education
Satyanarayana Ramella, MA, MBA - Business
Diadrey-Anne Sealy, BS, MS - Family & Consumer Sciences
Carl Spencer, MA - Religion
Evelyn Tucker, MBA, JD - Business
Hillman St. Brice, PhD - Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences
Cynthia Ward, MAT, MA - Associate Professor of Business Education
Roselyn Ward, MA - Professor of Music


Spicer Memorial College - Pune, India

Sheela Chacko, PhD - Associate Professor of Education
Sam Charles, MA - Professor of Education
Nanibala Immanuel Paul, PhD - Dean, School of Education; Associate Professor of Education
S. Rajendra Prasad, MSc, MEd - Academic Dean, Professor of Education
Vishranthi Uttam Sathe, PhD - Instructor of Education


Spicer Memorial College - Pune, India

Esther Deepati, DPH - Instructor in Public Health
Vara Prasad Deepati, PhD - Instructor in Old Testament
Calvin Joshua, DMin, PhD - Instructor in Religion & Religious Education
Roy Jemison Injety, DMin - Dean, School of Religion; Professor of Theology
Mohanraj Wilson Israel, DMin - Associate Professor of Theology
Sharath Babu Nakka, DMin - Associate Professor of Theology
Chawngdinpuii Tlau, PhD - Assistant Professor of Theology