May 18, 2022  
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University Policy

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The Andrews University Working Policy dates from the nineteen sixties. A faculty committee established in 1961 reviewed existing policies and formulated new policies to meet the needs of an expanded faculty and a more complex university. A preliminary draft of the Working Policy was published in August 1964. A 1965 edition clarified further the policies of the growing university and became the basic working policy document that had evolved through several years of development. The Working Policy was approved by the faculty, and subsequently by the Board of Trustees; on February 1, 1965. Succeeding editions have been published in 1968, 1970, 1989, 1994, 1997, and in 2004-2005, the first searchable and user-friendly version was made available on the university website. This edition was edited and updated Fall 2012 to incorporate changes, especially those involving the acquisition of Griggs University, and formation of the Schools of Distance Education and Health Professions.

Throughout its history, the Working Policy has been developed collaboratively by faculty and administration. Through this process, new policies have been recommended by faculty, staff, and administrators to the Board of Trustees for adoption.

This edition of the Andrews University Working Policy has two sections: Administration (1) and, Faculty (2). The Student Life section is revised each summer, and the Employee Handbook (4) is now maintained by Human Resources. Every attempt has been made to reflect current approved practice, to delete outdated material, and to create a concise, readable tool. Many procedures have been relocated to auxiliary handbooks used by appropriate groups. It is recognized, however, that the Andrews University Working Policy will continue to evolve as the university changes and develops.