Jun 21, 2018  

CIDS 680 - Field Practicum

Credits: 1,2
Students integrate course content and theory into practice during a 300-hour field practicum coordinated with each student’s research project and/or concentration that is the concluding requirement for the concentration. 260 hours may be done with the student’s primary employer, but all students must complete one week (40 hours) in an external organization. Students must submit a practicum proposal indicating approval from a sponsoring organization and learning objectives. Upon completion, the student submits a practicum portfolio.

Grade Mode: Normal w S/DG (A-F,I,S,U,DG,W)
Prerequisite(s): CIDS 520 , CIDS 530 , and 2 courses in concentration.
Repeatable: Repeatable up to 2 credits
Schedule Type: Practicum
College Code: CAS

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