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Mathematics Education BS

This major is available only to those who are obtaining secondary teacher certification. The program is certified by the Michigan Department of Education and accredited by NCATE. This program is designed to prepare competent, effective secondary school mathematics teachers, fulfilling the department’s mission to support the broader mathematics education community and to mentor students for serving Christ through the teaching profession.


  • BS Mathematics degree with secondary certification (if you want to prepare for high school teaching but would like the option of going to graduate school and teaching at a college or university)
  • Mathematics minor with secondary certification (if you shift your major to another area but you still want to be qualified to teach math).

Total Credits - 124

Major - 36

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
MATH 191 - Calculus I Credits: 4

or  MATH 195 - Calculus I for Biology Credits: 4


MATH 192 - Calculus II Credits: 4
MATH 215 - Introduction to Linear Algebra Credits: 3
MATH 240 - Calculus III Credits: 4
MATH 355 - Foundations of Advanced Mathematics Credits: 3
MATH 375 - Secondary School Mathematics Teaching Credits: 3
MATH 475 - Geometry Credits: 3
STAT 285 - Introduction to Applied Statistics Credits: 3
STAT 340 - Probability Theory with Statistical Applications Credits: 3


MATH 315 - Linear Algebra Credits: 3

or MATH 441 - Abstract Algebra I Credits: 3


MATH 286 - Differential Equations Credits: 3

or MATH 426 - Mathematical Modeling in Biology Credits: 3


Choose one of the following courses each semester (4 semesters):

MATH 389 - Mathematics Colloquium Credits: 0
PHYS 277 - Physics Colloquium Credits: 0

Additional Requirements

A major field test in mathematics is required during the senior year.

Cognate - 3

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
CPTR 151 - Computer Science I Credits: 3

Secondary Education BA/BS

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Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate breadth and depth in their knowledge of undergraduate mathematics.

  • Students will have teaching-related work experience during their college years.

  • Students will demonstrate a commitment to Jesus, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and service to others.

  • Graduates and student teachers will demonstrate a good understanding of the mathematics that they are teaching and will have the ability to communicate it clearly.

  • Graduates will be successful in obtaining employment or acceptance into graduate or professional programs.