Mar 31, 2023  

International Language Studies

Nethery Hall, Room 210

Pedro A. Navia, Chair
Sonia Badenas
Elaine J. Navia
Ruben Perez-Schulz

Wolfgang Kunze
Eduardo Ocampo


The Department of International Language Studies strives to develop students’ knowledge of foreign languages and cultures in a Christian environment. It provides a broad range of educational courses and programs that build foreign  language competence and enhance the understanding of foreign literatures and cultures. The department not only helps students develop a global perspective by training them to use their foreign language skills in a variety of fields, but also to develop critical understanding of world culture in its complexity and diversity, supporting and promoting Christ’s appeal to this generation, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

The department provides students with communicative competence in a second language, promotes a greater understanding of and appreciation for the significance of language in human interaction, fosters interest in other cultures,
and encourages intellectual development through enhanced cognitive and analytical skills.

The department offers many opportunities for language students to enhance an appreciation of other cultures and to develop fluency in the use of another language by participating in the Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA) programs, language clubs, the National Language Honor Society, and religious activities.

Departmental Tours

The Department of International Language Studies offers two study tours: Europe and South America. Each tour is equivalent to six credits that count towards majors and minors. The South American tour may be taken only as  Portuguese and Spanish credits; the European tour can be taken as French or Spanish credits. A maximum of 6 tour credits may be applied to the major or minor for students participating in the ACA program. All courses included in the tour are taught in the target language. Andrews University policies apply to the tour.


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