Mar 30, 2020  

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Halenz Hall, Room 225

D. David Nowack, Chair
Lisa Ahlberg
Ryan Hayes
Getahun Merga
Desmond H. Murray
David W. Randall
John Rorabeck


Academic Programs Credits
BS: Biochemistry   38
BS: Biochemistry  (Approved by the American Chemical Society
          Committee on Professional Training)
BS: Chemistry   38
BS: Chemistry  (Approved by the American Chemical Society
          Committee on Professional Training)
BS: Chemistry  (Secondary Education Emphasis)  
Minor in Chemistry   20
Minor in Chemistry  (Secondary Education Emphasis) 24



The mission of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry within the context of a Seventh-day Adventist Christian worldview is to assist all students to excel in developing their analytical and critical reasoning skills, using fundamental chemical principles and computational methods; prepare our chemistry and biochemistry majors to enter graduate school, professional school, the chemical industry, or the teaching profession, in a diverse world; develop in our students an understanding of responsible, environmentally sensitive use of global resources; engage students and faculty in the process of discovery and creativity in the research lab and the classroom to model a life of personal and professional integrity.

Students who plan to major in chemistry or biochemistry are expected to have entrance credit in the preparatory subjects of chemistry and mathematics (including algebra and trigonometry); a background in physics is desirable. Those who do not have entrance credit or equivalent training in these subjects, particularly mathematics, may not fulfill the department graduation requirements in four years.

Students are encouraged to plan early for an on-campus or off-campus research experience required of all students in the Bachelor of Science degree programs in chemistry and biochemistry (ACS) and strongly recommended for those in the Bachelor of Science degree program in biochemistry. This experience may take the form of a cooperative educational research experience or research in an academic, industrial, or governmental laboratory setting.  Interested students should consult the department chair.

American Chemical Society Certification

Students desiring American Chemical Society certification must

  • Complete the required courses for the (ACS) Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry or biochemistry as spelled out in this bulletin.
  • Achieve a minimum GPA of 3.00 in all chemistry courses taken at Andrews University.
  • Satisfactorily complete a research or cooperative educational experience in chemistry.

A complete statement of certification requirements is available from the department chair.


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