Dec 01, 2023  

Aviation, Aviation Maintenance Emphasis AT

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Total Credits: 73 - 76

Major: Degree Requirements - 52

General Education Program - 21-24

Students must take all courses designated in the Associate Degree Requirements  of the General Education Program

Maintaining Academic Standing

  • Students must maintain minimum GPA of 2.5 in all aviation coursework and 2.25 cumulative overall.

Admission Requirements

  • Status as an aviation major is provisional until the student demonstrates satisfactory academic and performance skills. Maintenance majors must successfully pass all general classes as well as the general oral and practical tests before continueing on to the airframe or powerplant.
  • Students are required to have a Windows-compatible PC laptop or an iPad (see Department of Aviation Charges).
  • Credit by exam will only be approved for new students transferring in with previous FAA certificates subject to departmental approval.
  • In addition to tuition, lab fees apply to all maintenance training courses (see Department of Aviation Charges).

Graduation Requirements

An Aviation Maintenance Certificate with both Airframe and Powerplant ratings is required for graduation.


Student Handbook

A handbook for flight and maintenance students outlining policies, operational guidelines, and general information is available from the department office or is online at the department website. Students are responsible for all policies outlined in the Department of Aviation Handbook.

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