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Psychology, General Program BS

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BS: Psychology

Four options are available—the General Program, the Pre-Professional Program, Health Psychology Emphasis, and Behavioral Neuroscience. The Pre-Professional Program is for students planning a graduate degree. Whichever program students choose, they should consult their advisor in regard to their psychology classes, general or elective classes, and an elective minor. Classes should be chosen with occupational goals in mind. Students planning on graduate school should choose classes related to that area of specialization.

General Program — 40

(27 credits must be selected from courses numbered 300 or above)

Introduction — 3

Developmental — 3

Professional Convention or Field Experience — 1–2

Content Courses (Groups A, B, C) — 18

A minimum of five courses from Groups A & B

Electives — 11–12

Electives may be chosen from Content Courses not taken to meet minimum requirements. Other PSYC courses in the undergraduate program, or those approved by the advisor/chair.

Cognates — 16–22


Field Experience and a reading knowledge of a foreign language are strongly recommended, particularly for students who plan to take graduate studies in Psychology.

Major Field Test:

Majors are required to take the Major Field Test in Psychology. The exam assesses the following areas: memory and thinking, sensory and physiology, developmental, clinical and abnormal, social, and measurement and methodology.

Computer Policy

In the behavioral sciences, the computer is an indispensible tool for collecting and working with data, accessing scientific reports, and for writing and critical thinking. As a result, the Department of Behavioral Sciences requires students to have a laptop computer in order to meet the requirements of the curriculum; this computer must be purchased by the student’s second year in the program or the semester of the first research class, whichever is earlier. Students are responsible for maintaining their computer with the required software appropriate for the courses that they are enrolled in as they progress through the curriculum. A list of required software and minimum specifications that a laptop must meet is available in the Department of Behavioral Sciences office; use of the computer varies by course.

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