Mar 23, 2023  

Organizational Leadership Major, MIDA - Off-Campus

The purpose of the Organizational Leadership major is to develop trained leadership to meet the significant needs of growing not-for-profit organizations. Such leaders will develop skills based on the concepts of servant leadership, will understand and practice leadership as a collaborative process, and will demonstrate appropriate administrative skills in research, strategic approaches to program planning and evaluation, finance, communication, and ethics along with skills in a specific area of leadership.

Degree Requirements—39 Credits

Core Courses—26

Focus Area Courses—13

Students are required to complete a focus area involving 13 semester credits in a selected specialization area. The majority of these courses are completed in a directed study format. This allows the student’s specialization area to be uniquely tailored to suit his/her personal and professional goals. A focus area is selected in the first year of study.

Organizational Leadership Focus Areas

Focus area topics include, but are not limited to: Church Administration; Community and International Development.

The student may choose other focus areas which are not listed and as recommended by the program director for approval by the Faculty of the Department of Behavioral Sciences.

Comprehensive Exam

Total Credits—39

IDP Admission Requirements

To be admitted to regular standing into the International Development Program, students must

  • Qualify for general admission  into graduate studies at Andrews University
  • Hold a four-year baccalaureate degree from an accredited American university or senior college, or its equivalent from a comparable institution outside the U.S.
  • Demonstrate adequate undergraduate preparation in the proposed field of graduate study and in general education.
  • Indicate ability to handle master’s-level work in the language of instruction.


  • Access to email communication is compulsory for participation in this program.
  • The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) transcript requirement is waived for
    students in the overseas program.
  • TOFEL is waived for students in this program.

For More Information

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