Mar 21, 2023  

Visual Arts Education Secondary (K-12), BS

(No minor required)

This degree, offered in cooperation with the Department of Teaching and Learning, prepares students to teach art on both the elementary and secondary levels. The Visual Arts Education degree is a K–12 endorsement for secondary certificates. This degree should only be taken by those seeking teacher certification. Majors must complete the requirements for denominational and/or Michigan state teacher certification through the School of Education. The General Education requirements for BS degress will be followed for this degree. They match the General Education requirements outlined by the School of Education (SED). Students may not take ART 457 , ART 459 , ART 480  courses in the Department of Visual Art & Design until they have been accepted into the School of Education’s Teacher Preparation Program and have completed the Foundation courses. The BS in Visual Arts Education requirement includes the successful completion of a senior exhibition and a portfolio of the student’s work given to the Department of Visual Art & Design.

Visual Art Foundation—18

Senior Exhibition—3

Advanced Visual Art Requirements—8

In consultation with the advisor, choose 8 elective credits in one studio area from the following:

General Education Requirements—Visual Arts Education with Secondary Certification

For more information regarding General Education Requirements  or Secondary Certification  with a BA or BS degree see the department of Teaching, Learning & Curriculum 

Religion: 12

Fine Arts/Humanities:

Covered by major

Life/Physical Sciences:

Take one course from Life Science and one from Physical Science.  Choose from General Education Program requirements.


BS degree requirement

Fitness Education:

  • Credits: 1
  • plus two additional courses from personal fitness, outdoor skills or team activity