Sep 19, 2020  

International Business and Language BA/BBA

This program prepares students for international careers with business and language skills, providing practical, on-site, work experience and an academic background in international affairs. Students receive two separate but integrated degrees: a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in management and a Bachelor of Arts in language for international trade. See International Language Studies  for a full description.

Total Credits: 143

Business Major Requirements—27

Group A electives—3

Choose one course from the following:

Business Major Course/GPA Requirements

Students must complete the required and elective major courses (27 credits) with a minimum GPA of 2.33 (C+). The GPA is figured including all courses attempted—even those in which a D is received and which, therefore, do not apply towards the 27 credits of the major.

All management majors must obtain a C (2.00) minimum grade in ACCT 121 , ACCT 122  and a C (2.00) minimum grade in BSAD 355 .

Specialized Studies in Language—30

 Students may choose to do a concentration in either French or Spanish.


Requires a minimum of 30 credits including


All majors are required to attend a full academic year at the Centre universitaire et pedagogique du Saleve, Collonges, France.


Requires a minimum of 30 credits including


All majors are required to attend a full academic year at Colegio Adventista de Sagunto, Spain, or Universidad Adventista del Plata, Argentina.


General Education—44

Students must take all courses designated in the Professional Degree Requirements  of the General Education Program while noting the following approved course substitutions. If a student changes to another degree program, these course substitutions will no longer apply even if already completed.

Other Requirements

Transfer Work

The School of Business Administration does not accept 100-200 level courses (i.e. lower division) as transfer work to replace 300-400 level courses (i.e. upper division).

Residence Requirement

Students must complete in residence in the School of Business Administration at Andrews University a minimum of 50% (33 credits) of the course work for the BBA degree (66 credits=39 credits in the BBA core + 27 credits in BBA required/elective major courses).