Apr 18, 2024  

Business Administration MBA Interactive Online

Chan Shun Hall
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Graduate Faculty
Jerry Chi, Graduate Programs Director
José R. Goris
William Greenley
Alan Kirkpatrick
Ben Maguad
LeRoy Ruhupatty
Lucile Sabas
Allen F. Stembridge
Carmelita Troy
Jacquelyn Warwick
W. Bruce Wrenn

Program Description

Andrews University School of Business Administration recognizes that it is not always convenient for business professionals to leave their places of employment to obtain advanced degrees in business.  The interactive online  MBA degree program is designed for completion online with the final courses required on campus (3-week intensives) culminating with graduation exercises (usually the first weekend in August).  The interactive online MBA program is available to students who are not able to attend classes on campus.

A maximum of 6 credits in approved courses may be taken at another accredited college/university or in another school of Andrews University.

Total Credits: 33

MBA Electives—9

These elective courses are tentative.  Other electives may become available and offered for the online program.

Choose three courses from the following:

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements under Graduate Academic Policies , note also the requirements listed below.

Prerequisite Courses

These prerequisite courses may be waived for students with appropriate undergraduate course work from an accredited institution. If the prerequisite courses are more than five years old or the grades earned are below C, students may be required to repeat these courses.

Such courses must be taken by the time the student has completed no more than 50% of his/her course work for the master’s degree. The following eight courses constitute the prerequisites for the MBA degree:

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

The GMAT admission requirements must be met for regular admission status.  The student may not enroll for more than 9 credits of graduate work before the GMAT requirement is met.

Admission GMAT requirements can be obtained by ONE of the following:

  1. Attain formula score of 1,000 points, calculated by taking the undergraduate cumulative GPA X 200 + GMAT score ≥ 1,000.
  1. Five years of documented and approved work experience and earned a grade of at least of B- in statistics and a grade of at least B- in pre-calculus algebra.
  1. On-campus Andrews University undergraduate business students with a cumulative GPA ≥ 3.0 and earned a grade of at least a B- in statistics and a grade of at least B- in pre-calculus algebra.

Maintaining Academic Standing

All graduate students are expected to maintain a 3.00 GPA in all graduate courses that apply to the degree requirements.

No grade of D or F (or U) may be used to satisfy degree requirements; however, these grades are included when computing the cumulative GPA and, if they occur in courses normally meeting degree requirements, the degree GPA.

Students admitted under provisional status (due to lack of prerequisites, GMAT, etc.) must make regular progress toward achieving regular enrollment status and toward completion of their selected graduate degree. If insufficient progress is made, provisional status will be revoked after four enrolled semesters.

Regular admission status must be met no later than the semester before the last semester in which the student expects to enroll, prior to graduation.

Program Accreditation

The Master of Business Administration is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), located in Olathe, Kansas.