Aug 18, 2019  

Psychology, Behavioral Neuroscience Emphasis BS

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Everyone in the Behavioral Neurosciences Program will take the BNS Core (41-43 credits).  They will also choose  the BS in Biology with a Neuroscience Emphasis (26 credits); or BS in Biology with an emphasis in Behavioral/Mathematics  (28 credits);  or a BS in Psychology with an emphasis in Behavioral Neuroscience  (27 credits)

Andrews Core Experience — 43-46*

Students must take all courses designated in the BA & BS Degree Requirements  of the Andrews Core Experience or the Honors Andrews Core Experience (SAGES)  while noting the following requirements.

*46 credits for standard ACE packack; 43 credits for Honors.

Note: Completing the Behavioral Neuroscience core meets general education requirements for Interdisciplinary Social Science and both Physical and Life Sciences. If a student changes to another degree program, however, this substitutions will no longer apply even if already completed.

BS: Psychology

Behavioral Neuroscience — 27

Research Project:

Computer Policy

In the behavioral sciences, the computer is an indispensible tool for collecting and working with data, accessing scientific reports, and for writing and critical thinking. As a result, the Department of Behavioral Sciences requires students to have a laptop computer in order to meet the requirements of the curriculum; this computer must be purchased by the student’s second year in the program or the semester of the first research class, whichever is earlier. Students are responsible for maintaining their computer with the required software appropriate for the courses that they are enrolled in as they progress through the curriculum. A list of required software and minimum specifications that a laptop must meet is available in the Department of Behavioral Sciences office; use of the computer varies by course.

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