Jan 19, 2019  

Biology, Biomedical Science Emphasis BS

Total Credits: 124

Major: Concentration Requirements — 12–14

Biomedical Science

Andrews Core Experience 43-49*

Students must take all courses designated in the BA & BS Degree Requirements  of the Andrews Core Experience or the Honors Andrews Core Experience (SAGES)  while noting the following requirements and recommendations.

*49 credits for standard GE package; 41 credits for Honors.

Undergraduate Electives — 6-12

Students must take 6-12 elective credits from any college level courses.

Thesis (Optional)

A minimum of 3 credits of BIOL 495  or HONS 497H . Biology majors may elect to complete a minimum of 3 credits of original research in a topic of mutual interest with a Department of Biology faculty member and present this original work in the form of a senior thesis. This research experience may be supported by a research scholarship.