Jul 23, 2021  

Religion BA (Distance Ed)

Online Delivery: This degree is offered as self-paced online program, although some courses are sometimes available in an interactive online format (see School of Distance Education  Definitions). This program does not require any time on campus. Students are encouraged to come to campus for graduation.

Andrews Core Experience

  • The Religion Andrews Core Experience requirement is fulfilled through completion of the religion major.
  • The Andrews Core Experience foreign language requirement for the BA: Religion is to be fulfilled by either Greek or Hebrew or any modern language at the intermediate level.

Program Outcomes

Seek Knowledge

  1. Document foundational knowledge in the areas of Bible, history, and theology from an SDA perspective

Affirm Faith

  1. Effectively communicate the global mission, beliefs, and heritage of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  2. Exhibit growth in awareness of Christian values and life skills

Change the World

  1. Document service experiences & skills in community and cross cultural contexts


Students planning to enter the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary should select a major in theology. A religion major may be selected but must be supplemented with Seminary prerequisite courses. For entrance requirements, see the Theological Seminary section of this bulletin.