Mar 18, 2019  

Religion, Religion and Society BA

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Program Description

The BA in Religion with a concentration in Religion and & Society is designed to function as a supplement to another major or to a pre-professional program. Its purpose is to provide students with a mastery of basic principles of biblical interpretation, theological reasoning, and practical ministry in the context of their chosen vocation. It aims for intentional integration of faith from an SDA perspective with a student’s primary major or vocational goals. The degree does not meet pre-Seminary requirements.

Total Credits - #

Major: Core Requirements

Core Requirements - 43

Andrews Core Experience - 60-61

Students must take all courses designated in the  BA & BS Degree Requirements  of the Andrews Core Experience.

  • Religion

    Fulfilled through completion of the religion major.


  • Language*

  • Choose one of the following sets:

  • BIBL 211 - Greek I Credits: 3
  • BIBL 212 - Greek II Credits: 3
  • BIBL 313 - Greek III Credits: 3
  • Or

  • BIBL 341 - Hebrew I Credits: 3
  • BIBL 342 - Hebrew II Credits: 3
  • Or

  • Any modern foreign language, through the intermediate level.

    *Note: Language requirements may be fulfilled by any intermediate level foreign language course. Major requirement can be fulfilled by taking one of the Biblical languages.

Graduation Requirements

  • Minimum grade of “C-” for all major classes and cognates.
  • Minimum overall GPA of 2.25
  • Major GPA of 2.50
  • Practical service in accordance with the requirements of the department.

Additional Information

Seminary Prerequisites

Students planning to enter the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary should select a major in theology. A religion major must be supplemented with Seminary prerequisite courses. For entrance requirements, see the Theological Seminary section of this bulletin.

Program Outcomes

Seek Knowledge

  1. Describe and examine key issues within the fields of religion and society from an SDA perspective
  2. Evaluate a significant research question in a field-based project that relates to core concepts studied in religion and society

Affirm Faith

  1. Effectively communicate the global mission, beliefs, and heritage of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  2. Demonstrate the ability to apply principles of Christian faith to their personal life and chosen vocation, integrating learning across disciplines

Change the World

  1. Document service experiences & skills in community and cross cultural contexts

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