Mar 30, 2020  

Mathematics Education BS

Program Goals: BS Mathematics Education

  1. Students will demonstrate breadth and depth in their knowledge of undergraduate mathematics.
  2. Students will have teaching-related work experience during their college years.
  3. Graduates will be successful in obtaining employment or acceptance into graduate or professional programs.
  4. Graduates who accept teaching jobs or enter graduate programs will be successful in completing the first year.  Those who enter graduate programs will eventually complete a master’s or doctoral degree.
  5. Students will demonstrate a commitment to Jesus, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and service to others.
  6. Graduated and student teachers will demonstrate a good understanding of the mathematics that they are teaching and the ability to communicate it clearly.


This major is available only to those who are obtaining elementary or secondary teacher certification.


A major field test in mathematics is required during the senior year.

Cognate Course—3 credits

Andrews Core Experience—for Mathematics Education with Secondary Certification

For more information regarding Andrews Core Experience  requirements or Secondary Certification  with a BA or BS degree, see the department of Teaching, Learning & Curriculum  

Note the following specific requirements:

Religion: 12*

Foreign Language (BA only)

Intermediate Language (4)

Fine Arts/Humanities:

Choose one course from:

Life/Physical Sciences:

Take one course from the Life Sciences and one from the Physical Sciences.  Choose from the General Education Program  requirements.


Covered in major

Fitness Education: