Jun 21, 2018  

Divinity MDiv (Track 1)

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MDiv Track 1 program is for students who have a Bachelors degree in Theology.  Students who do not have a BA in Theology will need to complete the Track 2 program.

MDiv General Infomation

For information regarding: Program Overview, Application, Policies and other entrance requirements -Click Here .

Total Credits 92

MDiv Prerequisites

  • GSEM 525 - The Bible and Biblical History Credits: 0,1
  • Or  Biblical Literacy Exam 80% - August

  •  All students who do not pass or who opt not to take the Biblical Literacy Entrance Exam must take GSEM525 - The Bible and Biblical History during the Fall or Spring of their first year in the MDiv program

  • CHMN 552 - Foundations of Pastoral Ministry Credits: 0,2
  • Or  Church Policy Exam 80%

  • NTST 551 - Beginning Greek Credits: 0,2 (C- or higher)
  • Or  Beginning Greek Exam 45%

  • 3 credits of  NTST 552 - Intermediate Greek Credits: 0,2,3 (C or higher)
  • Or  Intermediate Greek Exam 60%

  • OTST 551 - Biblical Hebrew I Credits: 0,3  (C- or Higher)
  • Or  Hebrew Examination 45% or higher

  • OTST 552 - Biblical Hebrew II Credits: 0,2,3  (C+ or higher)
  • Or  Hebrew II Examination 65% or higher

    Any student who wishes to take a placement exam must take at least one of them in May or August of the year they enroll in seminary. If the student wishes to take the exam for the second language it must be taken by September of their second year in seminary.

Christian Ministry Credits: 22

Discipleship and Religious Education - 8

Church History Credits: 6

New Testament Credits: 8

Before registering for New Testament courses, check the course description for Greek Language and/or other course prerequisites.

  • Choose one (600 Level) exegesis  course Credits: 3
  • Choose one (600 Level) theology  course Credits: 3
  • Choose one (600 Level) backgrounds  course Credits 2

Old Testament Credits: 8

Before registering for Old Testament courses, check the course description for Hebrew Language and/or other course prerequisites.

  • Choose one Archeology course Credits: 2
  • Choose one (600 Level) Old Testament Exegesis course Credits: 3
  • Choose one (600 Level) Old Testament Theology course Credits: 3

Theology Credits: 8

General Electives - Credits 12

Track 1 students take 12 credits of general electives. Electives may not be used to satisfy prerequisites and/or deficiencies.  Students may wish to complete an emphasis using elective credits.  Up to 9 credits in relevant courses offered by other schools of the university on the graduate level may be included in the general electives, including up to 4 appropriate workshop credits. 

MDiv Emphasis Options

Students enrolled in the MDiv program may choose from a number of 12-credit emphases.  Students must apply for an emphasis during the first year of their program.  More specific details may be obtained from each department regarding these areas of emphasis. 

Choosing an emphasis may prolong the length of a student’s  program.  Please consider the possibility of adding a semester to your MDiv program when attempting to complete an emphasis.  Regular master’s tuition is charged for courses taken after an MDiv student has completed their program coursework.   

Christian Ministry Old Testament
African American Ministry   Old Testament  
Chaplaincy   Archaeology & History of Antiquity  
Church Growth and Evangelsim   Jewish Studies  
Church Leadership   Biblical and Cognate Languages  
Pastoral Care   (Ancient Near Eastern)
Church History Theology and Christian Philosophy
Church History   Christian Ethics  
Adventist Studies   Historical Theology  
Church and State   Systematic Theology  
Discipleship and Religious Education World Missions
Campus Spiritual Leadership   Missions Studies  
Discipleship and Biblical Spirituality   Social Work  
Family Life Education    
Youth & Young Adult    
New Testament  
Exegesis and Theology    
Backgrounds and Languages    


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