May 23, 2024  

Liberal Arts, Humanities Concentration BA

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Program Description

The Andrews University liberal arts curriculum seeks to challenge students by preparing them for an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

The liberal arts degrees demonstrate the following learning objectives in each of the concentrations: critical thinking, effective communication, and life-long learning and the preparation of students for lives of leadership and service.

The degree on the diploma and transcript will be listed as a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science. The major on the transcript will be Liberal Arts, with a listing of one of four concentrations: Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary.

The Liberal Arts degree program will be administered from the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office, with the Associate Dean assigned the responsibility to coordinate the advising of students. Academic oversight of the program will be the responsibility of the Liberal Arts Advisory Committee whose membership will include representation from the departments represented by the curricular requirements.

Liberal Arts students will be required to keep a portfolio of work done during their education in order to demonstrate progress toward meeting learning objectives.

Degree Details

  •  Divided into four Concentrations
    •  Humanities
    •  Sciences
    •  Social Sciences
    •  Interdisciplinary
  • Governed by an Andrews University Advisory Committee
  • A minimum of 124 semester credits must be earned, including a concentration of 45 credits plus general education requirements and electives
  • A minimum of 30 semester credits in the degree must be from courses numbered 300 and above
  • A minimum of 60 credits must be earned from approved AU courses
  • A minimum of 15 credits in the concentration must be earned from approved AU courses numbered 300 and above
  • Why and For Whom
    • Person with a broader interest than a single discipline
    • For those who switched majors
    • Fall-back for the capable student
    • More flexible than single-discipline degree
    • For affiliate campuses – only approved concentrations

Humanities Concentration

Total Credits : 45

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