Dec 10, 2018  

Christian Discipleship Certificate

Certificate Description

The Christian Discipleship Certificate prepares Christians to better connect with God, self, and others, through a deeper understanding of biblical foundations, applied to their vocational calling and specific ministries. The certificate requires academic study and service learning in an internship ministry experience, with a portfolio as evidence of completing all certificate outcomes.

This certificate will count towards an associate degree in Christian Discipleship.

Online delivery: This program is also offered in a self-paced online format (see School of Distance Education and International Partnerships  Definitions). Some courses may be available sometimes in an interactive online format. This program does not require any on-campus time, unless one is enrolled in the on campus delivery.

Certificate Requirements: 17-18

The classes listed below are available on-campus and online. Online classes are listed in the course schedule with a “V” following the course number.

Additional Requirements


The certificate requires a practical ministry component.

Program Outcomes

At the end of the program the students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of human spiritual development
  2. Apply biblical themes and key theological doctrines to fundamentals of discipleship
  3. Exhibit fundamental principles of biblical discipleship through personal faith journey
  4. Document discipleship initiative through applied, practical service