May 27, 2024  

Leadership Certificate

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Recipients of the leadership certifiacate demonstrate growth in emotional and social intelligence, clarification of personal passion, and identification of values and mission. These areas of development unlock powerful career and graduate school opportunities.

Total Credits: 13


Maintaining Academic Standing

The following standards are required for successful completion of the certificate program or minor.

  1. Academic Standards:
  • Earn a minimum overall 2.25 GPA.
  • Earn a minimum 2.5 GPA in certificate or minor program coursework.
  • No course with a grade below C may count toward the certificate or minor program coursework.
  1. Citizenship Standards:

Certificate program participants placed on suspension or Student Life probation in either of the following categories may be removed from the program:

  • Citizenship Probation
  • Co-curricular Probation

Failure to meet these standards results in possible removal from the program. Students may reapply.

Awards and Ceremonies

During the student’s final undergraduate term, the program director will recommend each qualifying candidate to the School of Education Leadership Department who will vote their recommendation to the ULC for review and conferral of certificate. Each recipient will be awarded in the following ways:

  • A celebration ceremony focusing on the student’s change project, leadership portfolio and leadership journey.
  • The Randall Leadership Medallion, which the student may wear during graduation ceremonies.
  • A Leadership Certificate with the Andrews University seal.
  • Specific mention or annotation in the University commencement program.
  • Notation of Leadership Certificate accomplishment included on transcripts.

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