May 29, 2024  

Construction Management BSCM

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PLEASE BE ADVISED:  The Bachelor of Science in Construction Management program (BSCM) is a new program.  The program will not be available unless a critical mass of students (minimum of 8) enter the program in Fall, 2017.  Please contact the School of Architecture & Interior Design at 269-471-6003 with questions.

NOTE: Southern Adventist University, another SDA institution of higher learning currently offers Construction Management.

Program Description

The construction management program is four years plus two summers in duration.

Total Credits - 137

Major: Core Requirements

Major: Additional Requirements

Community Project in Architecture - 6

Each student is required to take ARCH 395 - Community Project in Architecture  during a summer following Pre-Professional Year Two. A minimum of 6 credits must be earned.

Work Experience

Students pursuing the BSCM must document 600 hours of work experience in the construction industry. 100 hours must be obtained prior to applying to the professional degree program and an additional 500 hours must be obtained prior to graduation. Please see School for Work Experience Requirement Form.


According to standards set by the Construction Management Certification Institute (CMCI), an independent administrative body of the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA); a four-year degree in Construction Management plus 48 months of CM experience within 5 classifications of 30 possible experience areas meet eligibility requirements to apply to sit for the Certified Construction Manager (CCM) certification examination (

Andrews Core Experience

Students must take all courses designated in the Professional Degree Requirements  of the Andrews Core Experience while noting the following approved course substitutions. If a student changes to another degree program, these course substitutions will no longer apply even if already completed.

Maintaining Academic Standing

Students are required to complete the BSCM in a specific path sequence.  Please see the attached chronological listing of courses by year with academic requirements.

Academic standards apply to the BS, BSA, BID and BSCM. A grade of C- or higher is required in order to continue in the design studio sequence. A grade of less than C- requires a student to repeat that studio before advancing in the studio sequence. Faculty approval is required for any studio course to be repeated. (This includes ART 104ARCH 126ARCH 215ARCH 247ARCH 318ARCH 320ARCH 441ARCH 442INT 341INT 342INT 441INT 442.)

Admission Requirements

Application Process

Students seeking to pursue the *BSA Professional Degree Track, BID or BSCM must first submit an Andrews University undergraduate application for acceptance to the University. Students admitted to the University on regular standing are eligible to begin Pre-Professional Year One, which is a common first-year experience between these programs.

Upon completion of Pre-Professional Year One students must:

  1. Declare their degree program choice (BSA Professional Degree Track, BID or BSCM) and
  2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5

Upon completion of Pre-Professional Year Two students must apply for acceptance to their respective programs. The application packet may be obtained from the School and must be submitted directly to the School by the application deadline. Minimum requirements to be considered for admission to these programs are outlined under each program curricula.

*Students taking the BSA Professional Degree Track who plan to pursue the Master of Architecture must meet the standards outlined under Graduate-Year Enrollment.

Transfer Students

Transfer applicants who have no previous work in architectural/ interior design must complete the foundation years (pre-professional years one and two) and then make formal application to their program choice.

Advanced Standing. Transfer students from another architecture program may apply for advanced standing (third or fourth year) in their program choice. Transfer students applying for advanced standing are required to submit both the university application  and the School of Architecture, Art & Design application. Please contact the School for specific information.

Tentative placement into the design sequence is made after the Admissions Committee has evaluated the student’s submissions. After one term, the student is given final placement in the design sequence and, on the basis of transfer-course evaluations, receives credit for previous academic work towards the Andrews University degree.

The School does not accept applications to the Master of Architecture year only.

Summer Studio. In some cases, completion of the Summer Studio program is best for transfer students. Prior to application, students must have a transcript analysis done by the School to determine eligibility for the program. It is expected that students pursuing the summer studio option will have completed the majority of Andrews Core Experience courses normally required in Pre-Professional Year One.

Application to the Summer Studio is made by filling out an Andrews University Undergraduate Application. Students applying to this program, in addition to applying to Andrews University, must also contact the School of Architecture, Art & Design directly to confirm their reservation for the class.

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