Aug 25, 2019  

Sociology BA

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Sociologists study the formation and interaction of human groups and the individual's relationship to social groups. There is a focus on the role of various groups in socialization of the individual into norms, values and behaviors. There is also a focus on the development of  major social institutions and how they interact with each other and impact socialization across time and cultures. Sociologists use a theoretical framework that examines how institutions and groups function for the success of a society, the conflicts that may be inherent in group interaction and how human beings can change institutions and their relationship.

Major: Concentration Requirements — 17-18

Required Andrews Core Experience Courses — 6

Recommended Andrews Core Experience Course - 3


Major field test is required. It is expected that all majors will attend at least one professional conference before graduation.

Computer Policy

In the Behavioral Sciences, the computer is an indispensible tool for collecting and working with data, accessing scientific reports, and for writing and critical thinking. As a result, the Department of Behavioral Sciences requires students to have a laptop computer in order to meet the requirements of the curriculum. Students are responsible for maintaining their computer with the required software appropriate for the courses they are enrolled in as they progress through the curriculum. Use of the computer varies by course.

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