Oct 20, 2020  

Documentary Film BFA

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The Documentary Film program at Andrews University was designed for the student who embraces the role of the visual storyteller, and for students who feel compelled to inform and engage audiences with deeply affecting narratives on important issues.  Students will start by taking a selection of core courses which provide a broad base of art and communication experiences in digital media, photography and art history. With this foundation, the curriculum moves to immerse students in the art and craft of directing, producing, writing, cinematography and post-production, while including important film history and theory courses to further their analytical and critical development. 

Whether learning how to construct breathtaking scenes with state-of-the-art film technology, or editing sequences that rouse audiences to action, students will develop both a competence in the tools of the trade as well as the thoughtfulness to approach filmmaking with creative integrity. Upon the completion of their BFA in Documentary Film, majors will have finished several major projects to include in their portfolio, capped by a senior film project intended to be shared broadly with audiences.

Total Credits - 82

Major: Core - 55

Andrews Core Experience - 36

Admission Procedures and Academic Standards

BFA Professional Degree in Design, Documentary Film, Illustration, Fine Art, and Photography

Students seeking to pursue the BFA Professional Degree with majors in Design, Documentary Film, Fine Art, Illustration, or Photography must first submit an Andrews University undergraduate application for acceptance to the University. Students admitted to the University on regular standing are eligible to begin the first two years of the BFA degree.

Upon completetion of the the first two Pre-Professional Years (typically at the end of the Sophomore Year) students must apply for acceptance into their respective BFA Professional Degree Programs which includes:

  1. Completion of the Application.  The application packet may be obtained from the Department Office and must be submitted directly to the Department Office by the application deadline. Minimum requirements to be considered for admission are outlined in the packet.
  2. The BFA Review. All work created in Pre-professional Years One & Two should be available for review. The BFA review is a critique of the student’s portfolio by the faculty of the Department of Visual Art & Design.
  3. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 in all coursework.
Transfer Students

Transfer students seeking advanced placement in a chosen BFA program must have a BFA Review. Students who have no previous coursework in art are not eligible to apply for advanced standing.  Transfer coursework must be evaluated for content equivalency and students may be asked to provide course descriptions and syllabi.

Academic Standards

Students accepted to a BFA Professional Degree program is expected to  in Design, Documentary Film, Fine Art, Illustration, and Photography are expected, by the end of the BFA degree program, to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher in all BFA major coursework. Students whose GPA falls below this miniumum requirement are not allowed to graduate with the BFA. The completion of the BFA may include a senior project, senior exhibition, internship, and portfolio of the student’s work.

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