Feb 26, 2020  

Biotechnology, Chemistry Concentration BS

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Program Description

Biotechnology is an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds. The biotechnology program at Andrews University aims to transform students into scientists of the highest caliber and ethical standard that can contribute to this industry in many capacities. Through a broad and interdisciplinary training in the biosciences, students will develop the practical scientific and communication skills necessary for employment in biotechnology. They will also develop in their knowledge of the ethical issues that frequently arise in this discipline. Areas of study include genetics, genomics and proteomics, biochemistry, and techniques in molecular cloning and analysis. Students specialize in either biological or chemical aspects of biotechnology. An internship requirement will introduce students to the biotechnology workforce and help them to make connections that may lead to future employment.

Total Credits: 124

Major: Concentration Requirements

Chemistry Concentration

*CHEM 210  is required for a total of four semesters, and is a corequisite for CHEM 418 .

Andrews Core Experience 43-49*

Students must take all courses designated in the BA & BS Degree Requirements  of the Andrews Core Experience or the Honors Andrews Core Experience (SAGES)  while noting the following requirements and recommendations.

*49 credits for standard GE package; 41 credits for Honors.

Undergraduate Electives: 7-19

Students must take 10-17 credits from any college level courses.

Program Objectives

Program Outcomes

  1. Knowledge: Students will demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the properties and interrelationships of materials relevant to biological and chemical analysis.
  2. Communication Skills: Students will effectively communicate biotechnical information to a diversity of audiences using a variety of formats. Students will obtain relevant biotechnical information from web-accessible databases.
  3. Technical Skills, Safety, and Environmental Stewardship: Students will demonstrate competency in common biotechnology lab activities and instrumentation. Students will demonstrate commonly accepted laboratory safety and waste management practices.
  4. Interdisciplinary Teamwork: Students will utilize positive team behaviors to accomplish interdisciplinary tasks.
  5. Ethical Use of Biotechnical Information and Techniques: Students will execute the highest standards of integrity and ethics during their professional training activities.


To transform the student of science into a scientist of the highest caliber and ethical standard.


The biotechnology program aims to

  1. provide a broad and interdisciplinary training in the biosciences,
  2. educate students in the communication of science and the ethical use of scientific knowledge and skills,
  3. foster the development of practical scientific skills necessary for employment in the biotechnology sector,
  4. introduce students to the workforce through internship opportunities.

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