Jul 13, 2024  

Couple and Family Therapy Certificate

This post-master’s Graduate Certificate in Couple and Family Therapy enables master’s level practitioners to obtain the additional competencies and licensure requisite for the practice of couple and family therapy.

Prerequisite Training: Applicants wishing to receive this additional training must have completed the Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree or similar master’s degree with equivalent training as approved by the Program Coordinator.  The requirements of this certificate will help graduates meet licensure requirements in the State of Michigan as a Limited License Marriage and Family Therapist. Additional coursework required for licensure, that is not included in the curriculum, can be completed within the Graduate Psychology & Counseling Department.

Applicants are encourage to review the licensing requirements of Michigan to determine whether additional coursework will be necessary.  Any classes not a part of the certificate program, but needed for the L.M.F.T can be taken in this department while accepted into the Couple and Family Therapy Certificate.  

Minimum Cohort Size:  Each school year, the Couple and Family Therapy Certificate requires a minimum cohort of 7 new students.  By July 31st, applicants who wish to begin that upcoming fall semester will be notified whether the minimum cohort size has been met.  Individuals wishing to enroll in this certificate program are encouraged to complete their application prior to July 31st

Transfer Credits: Per University policy, credits taken outside of Andrews University may not be transferred in to a Graduate Certificate program.  A maximum of 20% (4 credits) of coursework taken at Andrews University may overlap with this certificate.