Apr 22, 2019  

Art BA

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The BA in Art is an academic liberal arts degree with a broad interdisciplinary program that is suited for those students anticipating graduate school either in their related emphasis field, or another area. The BA Art student’s interest in art and other educational pursuits are equally as strong, making the degree appropriate for those who wish to integrate other educational pursuits with their visually creative work. The BA in Art lends itself easily to the combination of multiple majors, minors, and pre-professional programs such as Pre-Art Therapy, Pre-Med, or Pre-Dent. The degree requires 45 credits in art history and visual art courses, a minor in a secondary area, and the Andrews Core Experience requirements including a foreign language.

Total Credits - 45

Major: Core - 21

Major: Electives - 9

Choose three classes from ART, DSGN or PHTO.

Minor (Recommended) - 21

It is recommended that the student work with an advisor to choose an appropriate minor. Examples of suggested minors are as follows:

  • Art History (for those wishing to pursue graduate studies in art history)
  • Psychology (for those wishing to pursue graduate studies in art therapy ((to qualify as a pre-professional degree)) and counseling. Consult the graduate school offering the art therapy degree being saught to verify entrance requirements.)
  • French or Spanish (for those whose end goal is to work in an international setting)
  • Anthropology (for those wishing to pursue graduate studies in archaeology or conservation)
  • Accounting (for those wishing to start a business or run an art gallery)
  • Leadership (for those wishing to work with youth or in the public sphere)
  • Biology or Chemistry (for those wishing to pursue pre-med or pre-dent)
  • Writing (for those whishing to enter the publication field)
  • Community and International Development (for those whishing to work in non-profits or public programming)

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