Jun 25, 2019  

Divinity MDiv

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The Master of Divinity is a 78 credit program recommended as the basic training for Adventist ministry by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the North American Division. It is a two year professional program (including summers) for full time students. Additional semesters may be required for students lacking prerequisites.  

MDiv General Information

For information regarding: Program Overview, Application, Policies and other entrance requirements - Click Here .

MDiv Degree Prerequisites

Students who have not previously taken the following classes on the undergraduate level must fulfill these prerequisites. Some of these subjects can be cleared through optional challenge exams. Current Greek and Biblical Hebrew language intermediate level proficiency must be accomplished through placement exam or by passing both the beginning and intermediate levels of each language.

Total Credits: 78

Seminary New Student Orientation

Students must attend and register for the Fall semester 0 credit orientation as a graduation requirement.

Divinity Core

Interdisciplinary Credits: 2

Great Controversy, Covenant, Law, Sabbath Course Requirement

Each student must take a “Great Controversy, Covenant, Law, Sabbath” course from their choice of the Theology, New Testament, Old Testament or Church History departments. At least one of these courses will be offered each semester.


Brief 0 Credit colloquia on a variety of ministry topics will be offered each semester for MDiv students.

  • On-campus students are required to attend at least 5 of these colloquia during their MDiv experience.
  • Colloquia requirements for transfer students or those completing part of their MDiv off-campus will be one colloquium for each semester that they are on the main campus.
  • Students from previous bulletins who petition into the 2018-19 bulletin will take 1 colloquium per semester for the remaining semesters of their program.

Christian Ministry Credits: 19

Discipleship and Religious Education Credits: 9

Church History Credits: 7

Theology Credits: 13

New Testament Credits: 8

Before registering for New Testament courses, check the course description for Greek Language and/or other course prerequisites.

Old Testament Credits: 8

Before registering for Old Testament courses, check the course description for Hebrew Language and/or other course prerequisites.

General Electives Credits: 6

  • Students will take 6 credits of general electives.
  • Electives may not be used to satisfy prerequisites and/or deficiencies. 
  • Students may use elective credits toward the completion of an MDiv concentration. 
  • Up to 6 credits in relevant courses offered by other schools of the university on the graduate level may be included in the general electives, including up to 4 appropriate workshop credits. 
  • Transfer credit Petitions from other schools within Andrews University or from any other University must be done in consultation with the MDiv Office.


Chaplaincy Concentration Credits: 14

A Chaplaincy Concentration is available for students interested in earning a Chaplaincy Endorsement from Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries. Students who wish to be endorsed for both congregational and chaplaincy ministry will take up to 83 credits to receive both endorsements. Students who plan only toward a chaplaincy career may complete the Chaplaincy Concentration in 78 credits.

Youth and Young Adults Ministry Concentration Credits: 12

A Youth & Young Adult Ministry Concentration is available for students wishing to gain specialized skills and knowledge for service in pastoral and administrative leadership to address the needs of youth and young adults. The MDiv with the YYAM Concentration requires a total of 84 credits.

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