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2020-2021 Academic Bulletin 
2020-2021 Academic Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Education BSELED

Students in the Elementary Education program must include the Planned Program minor and one subject content major or two minors. When two minors are chosen, they should be chosen from different groups and at least one should be a subject area commonly taught in elementary schools (indicated with a *).

The required courses for an approved major or minor in Integrated Science, Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies are listed in the chart below. All other approved majors and minors are listed and described under the appropriate department in the College of Arts & Sciences and College of Health & Human Services sections of this bulletin.

Majors and Minors for Elementary Education Certification

  Subject Content Areas BA BS Minor
Group A: Language Arts      
  Language Arts BSELED, Language Arts Minor*   36 24
  Reading Minor     20
Group B: Social Studies      
  Social Studies   44  
Group C: Integrated Science      
  Integrated Science BSELED, Integrated Science Minor   36 29
Group D: Mathematics      
  Mathematics Education BS, Mathematics Minor*   36 23
Group E: Supporting Areas      
  ESL     21
  French K-12 36#    
  French Education Minor     24
  Spanish (K-12) BS, Spanish Education Minor 36#   21
Group F: Religion Minor      
  Religion Minor (for Seventh-day Adventist certification only)     20

*Indicates a major/minor commonly taught in the elementary school.
#K-12 Endorsement in major area only.

Note: It is the responsibility of all students seeking teacher certification to verify that they are meeting the current Andrews University requirements that have been submitted to the State of Michigan as well as all current State of Michigan requirements. This includes requirements for General Education, content major, minor, planned program minor, and Professional Education. These requirements may differ from what is listed in the content department.

Planned Program Minor - 20

All courses must be completed - this minor consists of a group of courses related to teaching in the elementary school and is required by the State of Michigan. All courses listed must be completed either in the Planned Program minor or in other areas of the degree requirements. The total credits in the planned program minor must be at least 20.

Elementary Education Andrews Core Experience Requirements - 43+

The School of Education (College of Education & International Services) philosophy of general education is to give the prospective teacher the balance, perspective, and understanding of a well-educated person - to help free him/her from bias, intolerance, and ignorance about humanity’s world environment. Such education should acquaint the student with the basic knowledge and skills necessary for independent and reflective thought so essential for successful living in today’s complex world. The following courses will fulfill the Andrews Core Experience (ACE) requirements.

Admission Requirements

An application for admission to the Teacher Preparation Program and Student Teaching must be completed during the semester EDTE 408  Principles of Teaching and Learning is being taken. This must be completed at least a year before a student plans to do Student Teaching. Applications will be considered at the end of each semester once all requirements have been completed.

To be admitted to the teacher education program, students must meet the criteria listed below:

  • Satisfactorily complete EDTE 165 /630 EDTE 228 /SPED 525 , and EDTE 408 /508  (preferred order).
  • Choose appropriate teaching major and/or minor(s).
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75.
  • Obtain a recommendation from three sources: a professor from an education course, and professors from your major and your minor.
  • ​Demonstrate police clearance regarding the potential for any felony and/or misdemeanor convictions as an adult.
  • Submit an acceptable plan for completing all required course work. All prerequisites for student teaching as stated in the University Bulletin must be met prior to the student-teaching semester.
  • Submit a plan for completing the required MTTC Michigan Subject Area Exam(s).
  • Applications will be processed as they are received and completed. It is the student’s responsibility to see that all paperwork is in for the application to be processed in a timely manner.

Maintaining Academic Standing

Once admitted to the Teacher Education/Student Teaching Program students must:

  • Maintain good and regular status.
  • Maintain at least at least a 2.50 GPA in each of the following areas:
  • Major(s)*,
  • Minor(s)*,
  • Professional education courses*, and
  • Overall course work.
  • A course with a grade less than a C in a major, minor, or professional education class must be repeated. All courses taken at Andrews University or transferred to Andrews University are included in calculating the GPA.
  • Continue working on their professional teaching portfolio (begun in EDTE 165).
  • Demonstrate the professional disposition of an educator.

NOTE: Students cannot be admitted to the Teacher Preparation/Student Teaching Program, or remain in the program once admitted, if they fail two classes in their major, minor, courses for Professional Education, or Planned Program minor.

Graduation & Certification Requirements

CPR & First Aid Training

Michigan Public Act 18 of 2003 requires all teaching interns to be certified in CPR (child and adult) and first aid prior to being recommended for teacher certification. The legislation stipulates that this training must be completed through the American Red Cross or American Heart Association.

Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) Subject Area Tests

A passing score on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification subject area test in major and minor is also required to earn teacher certification through Andrews University and in the state of Michigan.

Official exam results must be sent directly to Andrews University from the testing companies prior to a recommendation for certification.

The subject area tests should not be taken before your final year in the program. We recommend that you wait until you have completed most or all of your major and minor university-based coursework before attempting the subject area tests.