Feb 02, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Bulletin 
2022-2023 Academic Bulletin

Andrews Core Experience: AA/AS Degrees

The Andrews Core Experience requirements for Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) degrees are listed below. The table can also be viewed in a printable PDF format  .

Learning Categories/ACE Core Experience Courses Credits Learning Outcomes/Descriptors
Foundations 15 Study of essential ways of living, thinking, and communicating - typically taken in the first year
Wellness   Skill: Wellness (Outcome 1)
Mathematics   Skill: Quantitative Literacy (Outcome 1)
Core Field (Outcome 2)
Communication   Skills: Communication (oral) (Outcome 1)
Communication (written) (Outcome 1)
Information Literacy (Outcome 1)
Faith Foundations   Affirm Faith (Outcome 3)
Faith 3 Study of God and God’s connection to the human experience through revelation
Breadth or depth
  • Additional 3 credits from RELB, RELG, RELP, or RELT
  Affirm Faith (Outcome 3)
Arts & Humanities 6 Study of human experience through analysis of human artifacts and participation in the arts

Skill: Engaging Diverse Perspectives (Outcome 1)
Core Field (Outcome 2)

Theory - choose one course from:


Experience - choose 3 credits from:


Skills: Analytical Inquiry (creative thinking) (Outcome 1)
Engaging Diverse Perspectives (Outcome 1)
Core Fields (Outcome 2)

Scientific Inquiry 7 Study of natural world and social phenomena with the scientific method
Social Science - choose one course from:  

Skill: Engaging Diverse Perspectives (Outcome 1)
Core Field (Outcome 2)

Natural Sciences - choose one course from:  

Skill: Analytical Inquiry (problem solving) (Outcome 1)
Core Field (Outcome 2)

Total Semester Credits 31  


  1. Demonstrate competence in intellectual, affective, and practical skills to prepare for careers in the twenty-first century, lifelong learning and service.

  2. Pursue enduring questions through study in core fields and explore the connections between those fields.

  3. Articulate a biblical worldview in order to interpret life, learning, and civic responsibility from a Seventh- day Adventist perspective.