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2023-2024 Academic Bulletin 
2023-2024 Academic Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pre-Professional Program in Occupational Therapy

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Students from departments within the College of Arts & Sciences
Harvey Burnett, Coordinator,; 269-471-6881; Buller Hall 221
Kanya Long,; 269-471-3263; Price Hall (Science Complex)

An occupational therapist helps people cope with psychological or physiological dysfunction.

Pre-Professional Programs

Although essentially a liberal arts college, the College of Arts & Sciences offers certain pre-professional curricula for students who plan to enter professional schools. For medical and paramedical curricula, Andrews University maintains a special relationship with Loma Linda University.

Prerequisites for Loma Linda University Admission

To be eligible for admission, the applicant must have completed a minimum of 96 quarter units (64 semester units) at an accredited college or university. The following prerequisites are required and must be completed successfully with a grade of C or better. Upon successful completion of didactic and fieldwork requirements, students will graduate from LLU with a bachelor’s degree in health science and a master’s in occupational therapy. Students are then eligible to take the NBCOT’s National OT board exam.

Prerequisites: Domain 1: Spiritual and Cultural Heritage

Religious studies, 4 quarter units per year of full-time study.
(Applies only to students attending Seventh-day Adventist colleges.)

Minimum 20 quarter units, or 14 semester units. Choose from three subject areas: fine arts, history, civilization, literature, modern language, or philosophy. English as a second language may not be included. A maximum of 4 quarter units will be accepted in applied or performing art/music.

Prerequisites: Domain 2: Scientific Inquiry and Analysis: Natural Sciences

Human Anatomy with lab
Human Physiology with lab: 2 semesters or quarters of A&P are required.

Select one additional science course from chemistry, physics or physical science.

Mathematics: Two years of HS mathematics or equivalent. Accepted courses include algebra I&II, geometry, with grades of C or better. (These credits do not transfer although they meet the math requirement.)

Completed Need Social Sciences:
General Psychology
Human Growth & Development. (Other acceptable equivalents are Developmental Psychology, Life Cycle, or Child Psychology and Adolescent Psychology.)

Prerequisites: Domain 3: Communication (9–13 quarter units, or 6–9 semester units)

Freshman English Composition, complete sequence, as required by the college you attended or are currently attending.

Note: If you test out of any Freshman English courses, you are still required to meet the minimum number of units for this Domain.

Speech, public speaking

Domain 4:

Health education (personal health or nutrition)
Two physical activities courses


Minimum requirement for entry is 96 quarter units, or 64 semester units.

Computer knowledge in the following areas is required: creating college level papers and assignments, Internet-based research, e-mail usage, PowerPoint presentations, online learning components.

Observation/Volunteer Service

40 hours of observation in occupational therapy settings. Documentation of community service performed is permissible as partial fulfillment of this requirement. Documentation of observation and/or community service must be submitted prior to admission consideration.

CPR—infant, child and adult. BLS health care provider. We only accept CPR from American Heart Association. This certification is not needed for the admissions process, but will be required upon acceptance to the program.


A minimum grade of C is required for transfer credit. C- and D grades are not transferable.

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