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    Andrews University
  Jul 23, 2017
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Liberal Arts, Humanities Emphasis BA (Distance Ed)

The Liberal Arts degree offers a flexible study program which is particularly advantageous to distance-education students who already may have earned considerable credits and would like to organize these credits so they may earn a baccalaureate degree. This degree is available only to distance-education students.

For the BA Liberal Arts, Humanities emphasis, at least three areas of study must be chosen from the following list. Each area selected must provide 9 semester credits. At least one upper-division course is required from each of the six areas.

NOTE: Some courses are only available on-campus or via transfer credit.  Tuition rates vary depending upon program and delivery method.

Areas of Study

  • Art and Music
  • Foreign Language or courses in non-English cultures
  • History, Anthropology, Cultural Geography
  • Human Belief Systems
  • Literature
  • Philosophy (Critical Thinking, Symbolic Logic, Debate, Persuasion, Linguistics)


Half of all credits in the major must be upper-division level. No major courses may be counted for General Education requirements. Introduction to Philosophy is a required course.

Total Credits: 30