May 27, 2020  

General Business AS

The Associate of Science degree prepares students for entry-level job opportunities in the business field.  The degree is designed for the student who cannot stay in college for a four-year degree or who wishes to interrupt his/her program for a period of time and return to college to complete a four-year baccalaureate degree.

Total Credits: 62


General Electives

Sufficient credits to complete the 62 credits required for graduation.

General Education—35-37

See associate within professional program  requirements and note the following specific requirements:

Computer Literacy

Required as part of the Business Core.

Social Sciences

Other Requirements

Transfer Work

The School of Business Administration does not accept 100-200 level courses (i.e. lower division) as transfer work to replace 300-400 level courses (i.e. upper division).

English Language Proficiency

The School of Business Administration does not permit undergraduate students to register for courses in the School of Business Administration unless they are at the Advanced Level in ELI.