Aug 20, 2018  

Self-Discipline and Institutional Intervention (Discipline)

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The goal of the student conduct intervention (discipline) processes at Andrews University is to shape and maintain a culture that fosters personal growth and accountability to the values of the institution. The University’s approach is first restorative as well as educational as it seeks to transform students for this life and for eternity.

Students are encouraged to take personal responsibility for all avenues of their spiritual, mental and physical growth as they model the Andrews Community Values. These values are designed for the wellbeing of both the individual student and the community as a whole. A voluntary commitment to the Community Values Agreement requires personal integrity and self-discipline which generally dispenses with the need for institutional discipline.

Inevitably, there will be occasions when students fail to exercise self-discipline and do not fulfill their commitment to their Community Values Agreement and the Code of Student Conduct. On such occasions students place themselves in a situation in which it becomes necessary for the University to intervene and hold students accountable for their behavior.

As in the classroom, the Student Conduct Intervention Process focuses on the student’s learning and the development of decision making and critical thinking skills, as well as taking responsibility for the consequence of one’s choices. As such it is not intended to include direct participation by parents or external parties. In seeking to reflect a balance of mercy and justice, the University will strive to give students consistent and equitable processes and responses to reports of misconduct in a manner which is considerate of each individual.

As a religious institution, Andrews University claims constitutional guarantees that permit it to have expectations for students and employees regarding their duty to uphold biblical principles of morality, deportment and appearance as interpreted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.