Aug 19, 2018  

CHEM 100 - Consumer Chemistry

Credits: 4
A one-semester course primarily for non-science majors presenting an introduction to fundamental concepts of chemistry to convey an appreciative understanding of the nature of chemistry and how it is applied to our daily lives. Topics of consumer chemistry to be studied will be selected from fuels, energy, polymers, fertilizers, pesticides, food and food additives, household cleaners, cosmetics and personal care chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and air and water pollution. Not applicable toward a major or minor in chemistry or biochemistry.

Weekly: 3 lectures and a 3-hour lab
$ - Course or lab fee
Course Attribute: Fulfills the General Education Physical Science requirement

Grade Mode: Normal (A-F,I,W)
Schedule Type: Lecture/Lab
Offering: Spring
College Code: CAS

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