May 26, 2024  
2021-2022 Academic Bulletin 
2021-2022 Academic Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SPED 588 - Graduate Student Teaching:

Credits: 2
The candidate will be placed with a field-supervisor in a K-5 and a 6-12 resource or inclusion special education setting for a eight week period. The candidate is required to demonstrate the ability to write and implement lesson plans that differentiate instruction, provide an intervention or remediation, collect data and demonstrate the ability to use data to make instructional decisions. At the culmination of both placements (K-5 and 6-12) candidates will be required to submit a portfolio displaying their professional documents that portray their skills and knowledge in the area of learning disabilities. This placement can be extended into the following semester by university supervisor recommendation. The lab hours will be arranged with the professor and field supervisor and will consist of 8 weeks of fulltime teaching.    

Grade Mode: Satisfactory w/DG (S,U,I,W,DG)
Schedule Type: Practicum
College Code: CEIS

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