Mar 30, 2020  

SPED 618 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Schools

Credits: 2–3
An examination of: the history and foundations of school psychology and special education; legal, ethical and professional issues and trends; roles and functions of the special education teams; develop a knowledge of due process requirements, IDEA, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and their implications in the delivery of educational services to students with special needs. Students are also required to register for SPED 618 PO1 which is the practicum portion of this class and entails 25 hours in a regular or special education classroom. Student must take either 3 credits of SPED 618 or 2 credits of SPED 618 and 1 credit of SPED 608 (Topics in Legal and Ethical Issues in Schools) in consultation with advisor.

Grade Mode: Normal with DG (A-F,I,W,DG,DN)
College Code: SED

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