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2021-2022 Academic Bulletin 
2021-2022 Academic Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Leadership Program

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Campus Center, Main Floor

Why an Undergraduate Leadership Program?

Society often encourages us to think of leadership as reserved for people with charismatic personalities or those in high-profile positions. Many would argue that effective leaders are born rather than made, and that those who lack the stereotyped traits associated with leadership must settle to be followers. Andrews University rejects the notion that leadership is only for the few. We define “leadership” as individualized, intentional influence, believing that a well-trained leader will be better able to affect meaningful change regardless of their career path.

The question is not whether Andrews students are leaders. They are. The question is whether or not they are maximizing their natural leadership potential. While leadership growth is a lifelong process—one that will obviously continue beyond the undergraduate college years—participation in the Leadership Program provides a vital grounding in leadership thinking and practice that places graduates ahead of their peers in terms of self-knowledge, creativity, positive change, interpersonal communication, teamwork, engaged citizenship and many other traits.

Program participants may pursue any of three tracks in approaching their leadership development, depending on what works best for the individual. Some may wish to take advantage of an individual course, created especially for those seeking a single game-changing elective. Those students who would like a more in-depth leadership experience can opt for the Undergraduate Leadership Certificate. The certificate embeds in their current academic program, allowing for maximum flexibility. Still others will want to pursue the most complete opportunity by accomplishing the Leadership Minor. Any Andrews’ student should be able to take part in this program without adjusting the course of study for their major.

Undergraduate Leadership Courses

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Fundamentals of Leadership is a class created with every student in mind. Whether a stand-alone, game-changing course or the entryway to a Leadership Certificate or Minor, this class is designed to bring immediate and long-term value to any undergraduate degree by exploring basic leadership concepts and why leadership applies to them, their individualized approach to leading, team dynamics, and unlocking their creativity.

Creative Problem Solving seeks to dive deeply into the creative and critical thinking process that should prepare students to address new and emerging issues in the world around them.

Theories of Leadership provides students with an understanding of the leadership points of view swirling around them. It will help decode the conversation and actions of others who may use similar language while intending different things. Finally, this course will facilitate the student’s personalized construction of a practicable theory of leadership.

Introduction to Coaching gives the student theory and practice in impacting those around them to become a better version of themselves. Participants in this class will acquire the coveted skills allowing them to move into groups or teams and increase the performance and engagement of others.

Leadership Practicum (0 credits, required every semester a student is enrolled in the certificate/minor program) helps students learn how to navigate their college experience from a leadership perspective with the help of one-on-one coaching. They will engage with a mentor, expand their knowledge base of leadership, and develop a growth plan designed to help them lead self, others, and organizations.                                   

Leadership Capstone is a course that helps students to develop and present their leadership portfolio, an experience that includes a reflection process describing personal growth and increasing theoretical understanding, as well as a focus on preparing students to present their skills to future employers.                                       

Change Project allows students to identify needed change, create a plan, attempt the change and study the resulting relationships and processes required to become a change agent.

Diversity & Inclusion in Leadership will equip students with the tools to manage intercultural conflict, identify and utilize inclusive language, and explore the relationship among diversity, inclusion and the gospel.  Emphasis will be given to learning the strategies needed for effective, inclusive leadership in diverse settings, giving special consideration to conversations around religion, gender, orientation, ability, and race/culture.



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