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    Andrews University
  Jul 23, 2017
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Liberal Arts BA

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Andrews University offers a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts. Designed to serve students with career and personal goals that may not accurately match existing degrees, the Liberal Arts degree is available through a special application process.

Degree Requirements

  1. Make application prior to taking the last 30 credits of a bachelors degree. The approval process includes consideration of the appropriateness of the degree package for the career and personal goals of the applicant.
  2. Fulfill the general baccalaureate degree requirements.
  3. Complete General Education requirements as recommended for all BS/BA degrees.
  4. Formulate a joint Degree Program Plan with the advisor and sponsoring departments.
  5. Obtain departmental sponsorships for the focus or foci of the proposed program.
  6. Receive final approval from the Dean, College of Arts & Sciences.

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