Sep 19, 2020  

Allied Health Administration BS

BS: Allied Health Administration

This degree is designed for health-care professionals seeking to enhance the knowledge they already have and to help them prepare for future career employment requirements. The degree format features a strong general education and administrative/business component and provides an academic foundation for health-care administrative positions. It is open only to individuals holding an associate degree or a two-year certificate in an allied-health professional area with earned certification where applicable in such areas as diagnostic ultrasound, nuclear medicine, physician assistant, radiation therapy, radiologic technology, respiratory therapy, and special procedures in radiologic technology. Admission to the program is by permission of the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences chair.

General Education Requirements—46

See professional program requirements, see here , and note the following specific requirements:


Equivalent of one per year of full-time enrollment at AU. Courses taken at SDA institutions can be used to meet this requirement.


professional degree requirements


professional degree requirements

Fine Arts/Humanities:

professional degree requirements

Life/Physical Sciences:

completed through the associate/certificate program transfer credits


Statistics preferred. Transfer students—any college level course.

Computer Literacy:

fulfilled through clinical practica


fulfilled through clinical practica

Fitness Education:

professional degree requirements 

Transfer credits — 34

Accepted from an AS degree or certificate program

Business/Administration Courses — 27

Practicum in Administration — 4

Total Credits: 65