Jul 21, 2019  

Special Education - Learning Disabilities K-12 Endorsement MS

Special Education (Learning Disabilities K–12 Endorsement) Completion of required course work leads to a Michigan State Teaching Endorsement in Special Education in the area of Learning Disabilities and a Master of Science in Education. Students who have been accepted into the MAT program, or those without current certification, can petition to be concurrently accepted into the MAT/MS program.

The State of Michigan requires students to possess a valid State of Michigan Elementary or Secondary Education Teaching Certification prior to the submission of an application for a Special Education/Learning Disabilities Endorsement. Completion of the portfolio requirements and a “pass” grade on the MTTC Subject Area (Learning Disabilities) Exam is required. All students seeking this degree will be expected to meet the requirements in effect as set forth by the State of Michigan at the time of graduation.