Oct 17, 2018  

Media and Information Services

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Student Movement”—A weekly news publication
The Cardinal”—The annual yearbook
The Cast”—Annual student/faculty/staff pictorial directory
AUTV—Short film production and news

The Student Communications Board is comprised of student staff and faculty/staff sponsors of the “Student Movement,” “Cardinal,” “Cast” and other media that are part of the Andrews student association structure. The Board serves in multiple capacities, such as screening of candidates, providing advice and support, etc.

Andrews Agenda”—Electronic newsletter for campus news and announcements
FOCUS”—The University magazine

WAUS 90.7 FM
Southwestern Michigan’s fine arts radio station broadcasts 24 hours a day from studios located in the Howard Performing Arts Center.

Campus Communication

1. Bulletin Boards, Posters and Other Promotional Pieces: Posters, table cards, signs and flyers must be approved at the Office of Student Activities & Involvement, located in Student Life, before posting or distributing on-campus. All pieces, except those advertising upcoming academic courses or tours, will be given a maximum of 30 days approval. Each piece must have an original stamp from the Office of Student Activities & Involvement. Photocopies of stamped pieces will be removed by building custodians as will any materials without a stamp. Some buildings require additional approval. Promotional materials to be distributed in the residence halls must have the approval of the residence hall deans.

Designs for promotional pieces should be approved before printing. This can be done by bringing a sample in person or by emailing your design to slife@andrews.edu (using .pdf or .jpg format). All posters submitted for approval will require a 24-hour processing period. Posters submitted before 5 p.m. may be picked up for posting at noon the following day. Printing can be done on-campus by LithoTech (269-471-6027).

In order to receive approval, promotional materials:

  • Must be no more than 11 x 17 inches in size
  • Must include the name of the event and sponsoring campus organization or department (Student Activities & Involvement approval is required before posting)
  • Must conform to all “Student Handbook” standards with regard to dress code, condoned activities, acceptable language, etc.
  • Must include your first and last name and contact information if you are selling, renting or offering your personal services

Also note that:

  • Due to limited display space, classified ads for individuals with items for rent or for sale may be approved for posting, but advertisements for businesses or business opportunities will not be approved for posting
  • Materials using the Andrews University name or logo must first receive approval from the Division of Integrated Marketing & Communication
  • In the interest of full disclosure, external materials will be affixed with a label identifying the event or organization as not associated with the University
  • Handwritten pieces are discouraged

The Office of Student Activities & Involvement reserves the right to refuse posting rights to any person, group or activity when it deems it wise to do so.

Bulletin boards are located in many University buildings. Posters must be placed in these designated areas only and within the numeric limits set by each building manager. Please do not attach posters to any painted or glass surfaces or post on top of, or in the place of, other posters. Tent cards placed in the Dining Center require the additional approval of Dining Services. Flyers must be handed personally to students and may not be placed on cars. Your courtesy is appreciated.

2. Websites and Social Media: The University provides each student organization with a page on orgsync.com that includes the organization’s officers, advisor and a list of past and current activities, as well as a link to the organization’s website (if provided). Student organizations that use the Internet or social media to promote their organization or events are held responsible in written and visual work for upholding University standards with regard to dress code, condoned activities, acceptable language, etc.

3. “Student Movement”: Those interested in advertising in the student newspaper should contact the “Student Movement” editor at smeditor@andrews.edu for options and pricing.

4. Andrews Agenda: The Andrews Agenda is a campus-wide electronic newsletter produced by the Division of Integrated Marketing & Communication (IMC). Twice a week during the academic year, a reminder email with links to the newest campus news and announcements is sent to all students, faculty, staff and a list of off-campus subscribers. The Agenda web page, andrews.edu/agenda, is updated daily. Sections include: Campus News, Calendar of Events, Campus Announcements, Community Announcements, Andrews in the News, Classifieds, Life Stories, Today’s Menu at Dining Services and Week in Pictures. All students, staff and faculty are invited to contribute content to the Agenda. Note: All submissions go through an approval process.

5. Online Events Calendar: Post your own events! Visit andrews.edu/agenda and use your Andrews login and password to submit your event to the events calendar in the Andrews Agenda. (See #4 above for details about Agenda.) Any and all Andrews University related/sponsored events are welcome. Upcoming events will be promoted in the twice-weekly Agenda reminder email and via the Andrews University homepage, andrews.edu. Note: All submissions go through an approval process.

6. External Media Announcements: The Division of Integrated Marketing & Communication submits press releases to both local and church media on a regular basis. In general, a press release is 300–500 words in length and is written by an IMC staff or student writer. However, if you would prefer to write your own release, you may do so and submit it to IMC (pr@andrews.edu) for distribution. Please note that IMC reserves the right to edit press releases as they see fit before releasing to the media. All news tips should be submitted to pr@andrews.edu.

7. Church Bulletins: IMC is responsible for regularly notifying area church bulletin editors of upcoming events at Andrews University. Email your information to pr@andrews.edu.

8. Campus-wide Email: Campus-wide, or broadcast, emails are not used for routine event announcements or promotions. Broadcast emails are reserved for campus-wide emergencies, campus-wide scheduling changes and death announcements of current Andrews University faculty, staff and students only.

9. Campus-wide Voicemail: Voicemail announcements are for administrative and emergency purposes only, such as from the offices of the president, provost, vice presidents and treasurer.