Jun 22, 2024  

INFS 120 - Foundations of Information Technology

Credits: 3
Explores computing history, software, web technologies, basic network security, ethics, and future trends in information technology. Labs are modularly designed to meet specific academic program needs which include Windows, Mac OSX, presentations, word-processing, spreadsheets, databases, use of online resources and basic web development.

Weekly: two 1-hour lectures and two 2-hour labs
Grade Mode: Normal (A-F,I,W)
Prerequisite(s): Familiarity with word-processing and typing speed of at least 20 wpm
Recommended: Recommended math placement exam score of M0 or better, or MATH 092 or higher
Schedule Type: Lecture, Lab, Lecture/Lab, Interactive Online
Offering: Fall, Spring, Summer
College Code: SBA

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