Jun 25, 2024  

NRSG 766 - Primary Care Management of Maternal/Child Health Practicum

Credits: 3
This course requires 225 literal hours of practicum.  Half are to be completed in a primary care, prenatal care or women’s health clinic, and the other half in a primary care pediatric clinic.  The focus is for students to integrate assessment data, and apply strategies for diagnosing and managing the well pregnant patient and her fetus; as well as children.  Students are expected to apply theoretical knowledge gained from the primary care management of maternal/child health class.  Students will be expected to pay attention to role development issues, collaborative and independent practice issues, as well as problem-solving.

Grade Mode: Normal with DG (A-F,I,W,DG,DN)
Schedule Type: Practicum
Offering: Spring
College Code: SHP

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