Nov 14, 2018  


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Price Hall, Room 216

H. Thomas Goodwin, Chair
Pamela S. Coburn-Litvak, Graduate Program Coordinator
Daniel Gonzalez-Socoloske
James L. Hayward
Peter J. Lyons
Kanya C. Long
David N. Mbungu
Marlene N. Murray-Nseula
Benjamin A. Navia
Denise L. Smith
Robert E. Zdor

Bill Chobotar
David A. Steen
John F. Stout
Dennis W. Woodland


The Department of Biology provides transformational education in the biological sciences for a diverse student population, set in the context of a Seventh-day Adventist Christian worldview. To achieve this mission we:

  • Seek knowledge and develop skills for lifelong learning through rigorous research, teaching and learning in the biological sciences;
  • Affirm faith, engender integrity and honor the Creator through personal mentoring, intentional study of life as God’s creation, and the ethical practice of science; and
  • Change the world by active service, promoting responsible living as stewards of creation, and preparing students for meaningful careers in church and society.

Each degree offered by the Department of Biology includes a common core curriculum and additional courses tailored to students’ special needs.

Highly motivated students may compete for the Biology Undergraduate Research Traineeship (BURT) program. For full details, consult your academic advisor.


    Bachelor of ScienceMinorMaster of Science



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